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Paint Called Temper Or Somthing?

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My son's Sunday school teacher asked me about a brand of paint called temper or somthing (knew I should have written it down..) its for finger painting... anyone know what she might of told me, and if its gluten-free?

THanks! :blink:

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Here is a picture on a site who sells all kinds of kid's stuff, including pre-school tempera paints.

Tempera paint

Of course, that doesn't answer your question if it's gluten-free or not. I have no idea.

I tried to find 'the' manufacturer, but there are many different kinds of makes of tempera paint. You need to find out what the school uses, and call the manufacturer.

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Well thanks anyways, I'll call them and get more info. I was hoping Tempora was the brand...

Nope, tempera is a type of paint, and originally contained egg yolks, pigment, and binding agents. I taught art to children for a few years, used TONS of tempera, I don't think it contains eggs any more but not sure. And I didn't know anything about gluten at that time...I am sure, like most other bulk paints now, that it is largely chemical in makeup. Just find out the brand.

Good luck -


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