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Undigested Capsules

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That cat drunk on beer?

[giggle] I love this forum -- don't you.

The CNN TV Interview LARRY KING LIVE was not the same article as the one in 2000 you linked above. I will find the interview and what was said and correct what was in·ter·pret·ed.

Very smart thinking great books.

Stay Well and God Bless!

Is this the interview you're talking about? http://transcripts.cnn.com/TRANSCRIPTS/0606/16/lkl.01.html

It was aired June 16th of this year.

Correct me if that's not the one, but it certainly sounds like what you described.

KING: As long as you have the test, haven't we made great strides Dr. Weil in colon cancer, just do the colonoscopy regularly?

WEIL: Yeah that certainly is helpful and again colon cancer is one that looks as if there's a strong relationship to diet. It's another form of cancer which if caught early is completely curable. I think it's one that we'll make strides with. I think again here is an area where eating properly, eating an anti-inflammatory diet, taking anti-inflammatory herbs, low doses of aspirin, all these are strongly preventive, and that combined with the diagnostic tests should identify early colon cancer in most cases.

KING: Dr. Gupta, almost every subject we mention, diet gets mentioned. Does that surprise you?

GUPTA: No, it doesn't surprise me at all. There's a lot certainly about when it comes to cancer, some of the other things that we've been talking about, that we still haven't completely figured out with regards to the relationship with diet. But you know the turmeric, for example, with Alzheimer's or the high fiber diet with colon cancer, those things are starting to become increasingly well known, and hopefully become increasingly more recommended by doctors. You know doctors still a lot of times focus on the medications and the operations and less so on some of these preventative and easier quite frankly, methods of trying to prevent these things.

I guess I'm in·ter·pret·ing that differently.

The cat is sniffing the beer bottle, not drinking beer.

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    Chances are if you have lumps on your body for years and the Dr. isn't concerned they're probably not lymph nodes. Chronically swollen lymph nodes would be something every Dr. would be concerned with.  Chances are you just have cysts ...
    It's different  for everyone, it can be a month or maybe a year. Most probably within a few months. This is assuming the symptoms are in fact related to gluten, which they may not be. 
    Hi Laura I'm so pleased you found answers.  This is very encouraging.  Seven years on from my own diagnosis I wish I could have some vitamin and mineral screening, I'm sure I'm still deficient. Cristiana