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Gluten In My Meds?

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I have never seen a symbol or anything.. when it came to my scripts, I actually called from the hospital when I was diagnosed. I called the companies directly that manufactured my meds.. they were all very helpful and answered all my questions.

I know there is a website that will help with meds being gluten free, its a list, I am not sure where it is though.. someone will hopefully chime in with that info..


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When searching for what may be used in your medications, is there a symbol or something that denotes there is gluten used?


Dear BackTalk,

I think I know what our fellow poster was talking about. I think it is just www.glutenfreedrugs.com . It sounds simple, but that is good. Complicated is not good. We have it complicated enough already!




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Actually, when talkng about prescription medications, there is very little to do except to call the manufacturer. I found an extremely helpful pharmacist once. She would check every product I was prescribed, which was quite a few at that time. Then she called one day to tell me that she had read an article and then researched it and found that the inert ingredients are not required to be disclosed. This means that the difference between name brand and generic could come down to the inert ingredients. Since it is proprietary few manufacturers disclose the info willingly. I found it best to keep a list of medications that I have taken successfully in the past and keep the manufacturers phone number. I would call before filling the prescription.

Your best bet is to get name brand - "no generic" written on the prescription. It may cost more, but you will be assured that the ingredients will always be the same.

The other thing to note is that liquids like IVs will not contain any gluten products.

Finally, over the counter medications can contain gluten, but you can purchase gluten-free Over-the-counter meds lists. I bought one from Clan Thompson years ago that was very helpful.

I treat meds like my foods, I have a standard list of medications that I take and if i have to take anything else, I call first. It takes longer, but I don't get sick either.

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Wow, thank you all for the fast response. I take alot of meds but I saw a poster here in the sleep forum that said Ambian sleeping meds had gluten in it. Then another poster stated that it did not. Looks like the only way to be sure is to check it out on your own. I think however if you find something it should be posted some where on this site.


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