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Bacco Restaurant, North Wales, Pa

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We were given a gift certificate to this restaurant as a gift from friends, and just used it last night. My first thought was, "Oh yeah, right, I can eat gluten free at an Italian Restaurant." (note sarcasm and rolling eyes!).

My husband made the reservation thru www.opentable.com and left a note that said I had Celiac and could have no wheat or gluten at all.

Well, when we checked in, the host read the note and said "If you have ANY questions, problems, issues, ask for me, Josephine". She took us to the table. Our waitress had not yet even been there when (who I believe to be) the manager came over and talked with me about things I could and could not have, asked if there was anything special I'd like or was in the mood for, etc.

When the waitress come, i ordered an appetizer that I didn't realize would be batter dipt so she came back and told me and said the chef had offered to grill it instead...I said "sure" it was AWESOME. I had grilled eggplant stuffed with mozz and sauce - oh so good! AND my special, made to order grilled chicken caprese from the chef. SO GOOD.

I did not get glutened. Not even one, eeeensy little bit. GREAT EXPERIENCE! Totally 5 star all the way.

Just wanted to share my experience in case anyone nearby wants to check it out. :D

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