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Need Laxative Help

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My 4yr old ds is on a very restricted diet

He's not been tested for celiacs, but based on family history and growth/behavior...I tried a gluten free diet with him and he has responded very well

The GI did preliminary b/w and it was neg.

I am looking for a safe, everything free laxative...does anyone have any suggestions?

has anyone had experience wtih


Not sure about psyllium husks as far as gluten?

Thanks so much!


Zach AND Ava's mom

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My ped GI has my daughter on MiraLax - only one ingredient - polyethylene glycol 3350 - yummy :P

My second opinion doc (also a ped GI) recommended that she take it with apple juice - he had a reason, can't remember why - it was something about keeping fluid in the bowel.

It's suppose to be nonhabit forming - can take it everyday (which my daughter does) and it's over the counter. It wasn't over the counter about two years ago when my friend's daughter was on it.

The first doc said a full dose (17g) a day. I told the second doc that I was only giving her half a dose because that was giving good results - daily, soft, formed stools. He was adamant that I give her the correct dose which he calculated based on her weight (42 lbs) to be 14 grams. We've been on it for a couple of months while we have weaned her off of other meds that she has been on. It is now time to wean her off of the MiraLax so I have started giving her smaller doses but we've got a long way to go - I need to get her fluid intake up.

I'm not familiar with Konsyl.

Good Luck.

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My son had huge constipation problems before going gluten free. He was then put on Miralax also and it worked most of the time but we were still going through cycles of constipation. At really bad times the doctor allowed me to add childrens senacot which is a natural laxative but not for long term use. I believe any with sena in it is ok but again, check with your doctor because mine said it was ok to use it when nothing else worked and then no more than once a month. That went on for 2 years until my second opinion said to take him off milk, which I did, and he has pooped everyday since. I still give a little Miralax daily (probably like a quarter dose) because I am so afraid to stop, he has never pooped in his life without help until now. We'll see what happens when I stop it all together.


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