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As I've written posts on here, a few people have mentioned that perhaps I have a "leaky gut".

Could someone please tell me what that is, & how to tell if it's an issue or not?

And, what do you do about it?


Diagnosed Fibromyalgia & osteoarthritis in multiple joints 12/06

Diagnosed gluten intolerant through dietary trials 8/07

Enterolab positive for gluten, casein, soy, egg

Serologic equivalent: HLA-DQ 1,1 (Subtype 6,6)

Gluten free 8/10/07

Casein free 8/27/07

Soy & egg free 9/8/07

Eggs back again (whoo hoo!) 11/08

Diagnosed chronic fatigue syndrome 12/09

Starting various supplements/vitamins in hopes of feeling better!

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For me I had D irregularly. The progression was so subtle I didn't realize I was carrying around Immodium AD all the time. I kept thinking, oh, a touch of food poisoning or the stomach flu was hitting me every few weeks. Prior to the problem with D, I only had flatulence and some constipation. Everyone is most likely different and for some of us, we had gotten so used to the problems we thought they were normal.

Life-long symptoms- difficulty gaining weight, fatigue, constipation, large stool, gas, dry skin, sinus allergies. Doctors recommended eating larger portions. Symptoms worsened.

Symptoms lasted three months before going gluten-free- weight loss, D, extreme irritability, skin problems.

11/06 Positive bloodwork.

12/06 Started gluten-free diet.

1/07 Canceled biopsy (symptoms were gone and I was finally gaining weight- 10 pounds in six weeks).

9/07 I've gained 20 pounds. Yeah!

9/08 Youngest daughter diagnosed with Celiac Disease. (D eliminated, behavior improved, schoolwork improved.)

11/08 Two years gluten-free!

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