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Fall Food Questions

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OMG, it's fall! I love stopping at QuikTrip to get cappucino (not sure why I love them so much but to me they beat a $5 Starbucks cappucino anyday!). Also caramel apples are a big treat this time of year.

Are those okay? The caramel apples at Wal-Mart appeared to be okay ingredient-wise, but just wanted to double check. Anyone know about QT?

Also, what do you do for Thanksgiving? I was planning on just making a small dinner here on Tuesday or Wednesday and using those divided tupperware plates with lids to ration out some meals to take with me to my grandma's and to my husband's family get together. That way I don't have to worry about cross contamination or trusting other people to make my food. Is that what you do? What do you make/take?



Mom of twin girls Perry & Ella (11.5.05) and Luca (5.2.07)

Diagnosed with Celiac Disease 7.16.07

Gluten-free 7.17.07

Perry & Ella tested negative (blood test) 8/2007

Luca tested negative (blood test) 7/2009

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Your plan for Thanksgiving sounds like a great idea. That way you can just relax and enjoy the holiday. I've been bringing my own food alot lately. I need to get some of those plates!

Me: GLUTEN-FREE 7/06, multiple food allergies, T2 DIABETES DX 8/08, LADA-Latent Autoimmune Diabetes in Adults, Who knew food allergies could trigger an autoimmune attack on the pancreas?! 1/11 Re-DX T1 DM, pos. DQ2 Celiac gene test 9/11

Son: ADHD '06,

neg. CELIAC PANEL 5/07

ALLERGY: "positive" blood and skin tests to wheat, which triggers his eczema '08

ENTEROLAB testing: elevated Fecal Anti-tissue Transglutaminase IgA Dec. '08

Gluten-free-Feb. '09

other food allergies

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The caramel apples and cappucino should be safe, but I can't say for sure since I have a dairy allergy and don't eat those things.

For Thanksgiving, my brother's family and mine meet at my parent's house. My mom cooks some of the food and we bring some other things. Several of us have assorted food allergies so we are very careful what we make. Two years ago, I made stuffing with gluten free bread and my daughter (the only one with the gluten allergy) didn't eat the stuff. I can live without stuffing and frankly it was very expensive to make. Last year I just made wild rice and we had that instead of stuffing.

For gravy, I make it from pan drippings and use sweet rice flour to thicken. I have some turkey broth that is concentrated and comes in little tubes that I can use if I need to add that to get more gravy.

We do not do a lot of fancy foods for Thanksgiving. My mom doesn't much like to cook. SIL has rediscovered baking but also doesn't much like to cook. We had salad and a lot of raw vegetables in addition to the turkey. SIL made some sort of gluten free pie, but I can't remember the specifics of that. I don't eat dessert so I didn't pay much attention to it.

My mom had some sort of rolls for the others and I brought some tapioca rolls for my daughter. I just put hers directly on her plate so there is no issue of CC.

This year I think I am going to try the Namaste Blonde Brownies with added pumpkin for a dessert. It's getting more and more to where we don't eat much in the way of desserts, even on special occasions. Too many diabetics in the family and/or people who need to lose weight. Our meals are actually pretty simple.

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