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Do Restaurants Allergen Charts Take Cross-contamination Into Consideration

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Whenever me and my friends go out to eat, i usually go online to the restaurants allergen chart ( Pizza Hut Allergen Chart, yes I am aware pizza hut probably isn't the best place for me to eat, but my friends love it). Now if you look.. Wing streets traditional wings contain no gluten/wheat. Would these be okay for me to eat?

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On the Allergen charts they show what the "item" does not have. Yes, you still have to put into consideration CC with what you are eating. The item is prepared in the same kitchen that is preparing things with flour etc so when they are using the flour it goes in the air and lands on other items possibly. Plus you never know if the person who is preparing your food is not also touching items that you cannot have and then going back to preparing yours OR using a kitchen tool that was used on a gluten item.

Example: If you look at the Chilis website http://chilis.com/ and put in your location under the Menu/Locations when the next screen comes up look near the bottom for Allergen info.....If you click on the wheat/gluten free one when it comes up read the top section where they warn you pretty much that they don't guarantee cross contamination (put in different words though). That is just an example.

It is hard not being able to eat at the places you use to love/go to, especially when it comes to friends and family wanting to go to those places.



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I agree with the previous poster. Most people have never heard of cc, and therefore won't take the necessary precautions when preparing food.

You can try to explain it, and ask that the person preparing your food put on new gloves and prepares your food on a surface cleaned right before doing it. You can also ask for your dish to be rewashed. If they are nice, they will go out of their way to try to make you safe (hopefully). But there is still no guarantee, of course, since you can't go into the kitchen and supervise them yourself.

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