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Krystens mummy

How Long Before I Feel Better

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Hi all just wondering how long after you go gluten free should you feel better if this is the problem?

I started my diet on tuesday and it is now friday. Tuesday I didn't eat anything because I was sick with nausea and vomiting and the usual gastro symptoms that have kept coming back.

I felt so sick that I decided to give the diet a try before going back to gi doc. I am still getting the odd abdo cramps is this normal? All my bloodwork came back negative so I am thinking that this may not even be my problem. How long do I wait before I should see any improvement?

I am feeling alot better but my abdo pain and other symptoms come and go anyway every two weeks thanks

[b]Had very interesting symptoms as a child. Failure to thrive, lactose intollerance, vomiting, recurrent bladder infections, short stature (5ft tall)

Have family on my dads side dx celiac.

grandmother and brother symptomatic! No dx as this is recent discovery.

My symptoms returned Feb 08

Negative blood tests. 04/08

No iga deficiency test.

Gluten free 15/7/08

Daughter 17 months.

symptomatic since six months

Remarkable dietary response

Lactose intollerant

Negative blood test at nine months.Gluten free at the time for 4 weeks

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Celiac.com Sponsor (A8):

Hi all just wondering how long after you go gluten free should you feel better if this is the problem?

The healing is very individual, based on the amount of damaged is done to the villi and how long you have been undiagnosed. I felt a relief from my symptoms as soon as I stopped eating gluten. I had already been off dairy for 5 months at the time. Then I would get a little better daily, with some setbacks as I made various mistakes. At one year no gluten, I was about 90%. Now I am almost one hundred percent at a year and three months out. It certainly takes time, patience, and willingness to research and learn, but the reward is well worth it. I really do feel good and "normal" and enjoy eating the healthy diet that is a lifestyle now for me.

Be well,


Diary free 11/06-6/08

Now using a small amount of low-lactose dairy such as aged cheeses and yogurt. Yum!

Gluten-free since 4/07

"When you row another person across the river, you get there yourself."

- Fortune Cookie

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Depending on the person it can take days, weeks or months. It took 2-3 weeks before I felt a noticeable difference. It was 10 months before I regained full strength.


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Immediatly I noticed the bloating disappear, then the diaraha, and everthing else was very gradual. Depending on how strict your being with the diet and cross contamination you may still have abdominal pain. I noticed the first few weeks I would get very sick from cross contamination because I was sharing a butter dish with my boyfriend, sharing toaster and pans.

It has been 3 mths now and things are really starting to improve now, no headaches, absolutly no diareaha, more energy. I also lost 2 sizes in my waestThis is the first month where I have had a half normal period. I am hoping eventually I will be able to get pregnant.

I think that if you are going to go gluten free you really have to do it 100% otherwise the results will not be even worth it.

Good Luck



Gluten Free since Apr 14-08

Mar 08.....Blood work-Positive for Celiac Results were High (92)

Apr 08....Biopsy Results indicating abnormalities associated with celiac disease & Villi atrophy.

May-08.... Appendicitis

July 08.....X-ray indicates Degenerative Disc Disease

Symptoms that the gluten free diet has helped: All Stomach Problems, Bloating, Vomiting, Heartburn & D, Energy, overall feeling of health again, Migraine, Degenerative disc Disease, and Infertility.

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