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Looking For Celiac Specialist In Los Angeles/after 1 Yr Of Gluten Free I'm Still Sick

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Hi, I have been living in California for about a yr and a half during which I uncovered the devastatingly long and frustrating truth that i had been suffering from Celiac disease. Being 23, and working to just get by in a big city, I didn't have health ins so i paid out of pocket for the blood work....now I have some insurance and want to see a specialist (b/c after a yr of being strictly gluten free i am still having issues)....

so my questions are:

1. Does anyone know of a GOOD Celiac/Gastro Dr. in the L.A./San Fernando Valley area?

2. Can I see a specialist without my insurance co finding out? (b/c they will drop me if they find i have Celiac...it took me a yr to get THIS ins i have now b/c no one would take me that knew of the bloodwork i had done for celiac!)

3. Has anyone else had severe problems like shaking (sometimes as intense as mini seizures), persisting daily nausea, malnutrition (despite the B12 shots i get every 10 days), teeth enamel loss and incredible fatigue even after a YEAR of strictly monitoring their food intake and being as gluten free as humanly possible?

I appreciate the help! thanks in advance!



Celiac/Lactose Intolerant & Gluten Free 1yr

Misdiagnosed 3-10 years

Diagnosed by blood work Summer 2007

Mother has Celiac

Sister has Tourette Syndrome

Aunt has Lupus

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