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Restaurants In Maui


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Does anyone know of any gluten free restaurants in Maui? We do have an Outback Steakhouse and what a relief it is to know I can eat there safely! I have just discovered that I am gluten intolerant. I need to begin calling restaurants and figuring out what I can eat where but I am a bit intimidated. I was hoping that someone was already aware of safe places to eat.

Thank you,


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Chef Roy Yamaguchi has a good reputation....Write a letter to any of his restaurants and ask for food recommendations that are gluten free.

Mention wheat, barley, rye, flour, soy sauce, bread crumbs, rue, croutons, beer, etc.

Normally, higher end (expensive) restaurants and heavily franchised restaurants are ok for you. It is the ones in the middle that can be difficult.


Here are some places that have gluten-free menus ( I don't know if they are in Maui or not)

1. Outback,

2. PF Changs

3. Carrabas

4. Wendys,

5. McDonalds

6. Arbys (Roast Beef is ok -- no bun!! -- make sure they do not just take meat out of a premade sandwich -- make them do it fresh)

7. Sushi (usually ok -- look out for hidden soy sauce -- sometimes wasabi mix can have flour in it)

8. Flemings Steakhouse

9. Longhorn Steakhouse

10. Chilis (Burgers are ok - no bun)

Hope this helps


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Hmmm, I can't think of any but I am not from Hawaii and only been there once.

You need to not be scared or feel silly for asking. This is your health and you are paying for their service and food. If they are not helpful and offer nothing then they will not get your buisness. I am sure you will find some good places willing to help you!

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Thanks for your replies. This is such a great message board and everyone seems to be so helpful. It sure is making it easier for me to learn how to eat safely!!

I am glad to hear Roy's is a safe bet - I have eaten there pre-gluten-free days and really enjoyed it.

Can anyone give me advice on talking to restaurants? Is it best to talk to the manager or the chef? Should I call or go by in person during their non-busy hours? I know one of the replies suggested writing a letter - is this a better idea than the phone/in person?

Again, thanks for your replies!


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Take it from a restaurant employee for 10 years....

1. Make an appt with the General Manager and at least a Sous Chef (assistant chef)

2. Bring your Gluten allergy card with things to avoid

3. Explain crioss contamination w/ fryers and the like.

4. Tell them how much you love Roy's (or whatver restaurant it is before you got celiac disease) and that you want to keep coming back to their restaurant. -- You can also stroke their ego by saying something like, " I figured Roy's employs classy and knowledgable chefs that would understand my problem and be able to help" -- or something like that....

5. ASK QUESTIONS -- ITS OK -- IT IS THE HOSPITALITY BUSINESS -- Let them kiss your butt!!! :)

6. Eat there.....

7. TIP WELL.....

8. Write a letter to coirporate office and General Manager (2 letters) telling them how accomodating/not accomodating they were. ----- Remember, we Celiacs always like to pint the finger when we get "contaminated" , but we do not pat someone on the back when they do well enough!!!!! It makes a difference!

Hope this helps,


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I think it's best to talk to the chef. If you can't explain it as well as you can to a waiter or give him a restaurant card that could be given to the chef. Basically explain about cross-contamination, hidden sources of gluten, and what would be safe for you.

In restaurants providing a gluten-free menu, such as McDonalds, Arbys, etc., you just need to make sure you order the right thing, mentioning the importance of avoiding contamination.

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There is a restaurant up in Kapalua (I forget the name, sorry) that is well known for its Sushi. Sushi is safe as they use rice wine vinegar, seaweed, rice and fish rolled up. If you go after 10pm then everything is half price! I'm sure if you ask a local in the area they will know which place I am referring to.

Best of Luck!

Cleveland Bob :)

"Dreams Are What The Future Is Made Of"

Endoscopy & Blood Work Positive.....

gluten-free Since December 2004.....

Soy Intolerant August 2007......

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Thank you for all of your great replies!

Cleveland Bob - I think the restaurant you are talking about is Sansei (there is also one in Kihei now). I have been wary of sushi because I read that the wasabi can contain wheat and I was afraid the language barrier would make it too difficult to explain to the waitpersons and chef about gluten. I love sushi though and it would be great if I could know that is a safe place to eat.

I have to say again what a great message board this is and how helpful it is to have you guys as support!


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