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Support Group In Atlanta, Georgia


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These are the results for Georgia at the celiac.com support group list for the US:


Smyrna - Support Group

Contact: Jan Austin

Atlantic Celiac Support Group (CSA)

Tel: (404) 433-9661

Atlanta - Support Group

Contact 1: Bernie Mercer

The Gluten-Sensitive Support Group

Tel: (404) 728-1508

Fax: (404) 728-9491

Contact 2: Lee Collins

Tel: (770) 228-9852

E-mail JColl64688@aol.com

Covington - Resource:

Contact: Brenda C. Davis

Covington, GA 30209

Tel: (770) 787-7554

E-mail: Brenda_Davis@prodigy.com

I know there must be more than this--especially since I would say the two states that have the most people here are Georgia and California. Someone else will probably have more suggestions.

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Could you please post the info for the support group in Cobb county... I can't find anything on it. :unsure:

The only one I have been able to find is the Gwinnett county group, which is on the other side of the state. :(


Cobb County would be a reasonable drive for me... I work in down town Atlanta and live out in Bremen (almost in Alabama).

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I live in Cobb County, and I'll get you the e-mail of the support group here...

I am also looking into starting one at Life Grocery in Marietta. We are in the process of planning a regular GLUTEN FREE DAY in the Cafe where everything they serve is not only Vegan, but Gluten Free as well! They make awesome gluten-free cakes out of Quinoa Flour.

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YW, but I don't run the support group! Markee does! It's called Celebrate Life, and is also associated loosely with a R.O.C.K. chapter as well. Our next meeting is July 23rd, but it's at a Chinese Restaurant and we had to have payment (for the meal) in a couple of weeks ago... if you want to go though, ask Markee about it if it's not too late, in an e-mail. I look forward to meeting you!

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It has been awhile since anyone has posted on the Cobb meeting, is it still around? I am in Kennesaw and I'm very interested in a support group at this time. My son does not have Celiac but we are avoiding gluten and dairy at this time. It has been very overwhelming in addition to his egg, peanut, tree nut and soy allergies.

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