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Newly Diagnosed And In Need Of Some Reassurance

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I am a 34-year-old mother of two (ages 3 & 5 months). About three weeks after the birth of my second child, I started having dull stomach aches that would come and go. They were never particularly painful, just annoying and lingering. Two months later, I started having light bowel issues, just bouts of loose stool, and a general sensation of inflammation. After three months of doctors visits, four doctors (the first three all thought it was acid reflux), a blood test and an endoscopy, I was diagnosed with celiac disease. The biopsy showed inflammation of the small intestine and mild villious blunting.

I have now been gluten-free for one month. The first two weeks, I didn't feel much better, but the third week was great - I finally felt like I was on the road to recovery (no feelings of inflammation, completely normal stools, etc.) Then I caught a cold virus. For the last week I've felt completely lousy. The loose stools are back and my body feels like its been beaten with a tire iron. My rib cage feels like it is on fire.

I'm nearly positive that there hasn't been any gluten in my diet - I ate pretty well before the diagnosis (very little processed foods, all organic, etc.) and I have been extremely careful. My doctor seems to think that the virus is just hitting me a little hard because I am a celiac in the early stages of recovery.

I guess I'm just so frightened that something horrible (cancer, in particular) is wrong with me. I thought I was in such good health before this diagnosis, and now I'm petrified that celiac is only the tip of the iceburg. Any reassurances would be very much appreciated.

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Tunibell, it's hard to get such a diagnosis, and (remembering when my kids were little) much more so with a little one or two, sleep deprivation, etc.

I think your doc is right and you must have a pretty savvy doc if he realizes how hard celiac is on a body. A lot of us here (including me... but I've heard this a lot) get feeling better right away (within 48 hours for me) and then have a set-back a month or two later. Sometimes it's healing that has to happen before eating is problem-free, other times it is other intolerances (dairy is the most likely, followed by soy, corn and eggs).

It's good that you always ate well. That will make the transition easier, but no guaratee.

Get some extra rest, drink lots of mint tea, and maybe eliminate dairy. I had to cut out milk at first, and had to eat small meals, low-fat, no dairy and not too many raw or bulky veggies (like brocolli and cabbage).

Best to you - you'll feel better soon, I hope.

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Are you sure your cold meds are gluten free? My pharmacist (he is well informed about celiacs) suggested I switch to the liquids that are made for children. It worked.

Also, are you using gluten free flours? I found that my system will not tolerate gluten free flours yet. I don't itch but I don't go either and then I have to deal with all the side effects of laxatives. And the whole time my imagination is going wild with thoughts about cancer, diverticulitis, a bag.........the grandchildren I will never see.......I got my drama queen gene from the same side of the family I got my celiacs from :rolleyes:

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