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Jose Flavored Coffee Contains Gluten?

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My usual coffee are the morning roast Starbucks coffee pods. However, I ran out and so I brewed a cup of Jose's Bean Vanilla Nut Coffee that was purchased at Costco. The brand doesn't list any ingredients other than 100% beans and natural/artificial flavorings. However, about an hour after drinking it I'm showing symptoms of ingesting gluten. Reviewing my diet for the day leaves me 100% certain that I didn't ingest any gluten and singled out the problem to the coffee.

Has anyone had a flavored coffee or the same brand and had an attack? Normal coffee (without flavoring) doesn't hurt me.

I can't find a website or a listing anywhere.


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According to my web search, Jose's is a Costco brand. Odds are it does NOT contain gluten, but you'd have to talk to Costco.


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