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Nicole H.

7 Months Gluten Free, Lactose Intolerant Now?

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I have been 7 months gluten free. The past 7 months have had its up and downs. The occasional "whoops!" or the " Im not feeling right" But for the past 2 weeks I have been feeling off in my stomach. And to top it off this morning I had Diarreah. I never get that. It wasnt even a symptom of mine before I was diagnosed. A month ago my gastro told me to go lactose free for 2 weeks because I was complaining that I felt off again. Since my ttg numbers were 4, he said it couldnt be gluten so he told me to go dairy free. I never did because I didnt think that dairy ever affected me at all. Could I have become lactose intolerant this late after going gluten free? Or maybe I just have a stomach bug? This is what I ate yesterday.


gluten-free corn flakes, milk, banana


Black grapes


Homemade Sweet potato-peanut bisque(sweet potatos, peanut butter, extra virgin olive oil, onions, ginger, garlic, gluten free veggie broth and gluten free veggie juice)

Fresh spinach with Kraft balsamic.



small piece of plain chicken with pepper, small peice of steak, carrots


gluten-free Coconut macaroons with milk.

Now I ususally have milk everyday so to get diarreah this monring is weird. Could it have been something else? I cant think of anything else that I introduced into my diet that would be different. Maybe Im just crazy!

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Surprisingly your doctor gave you good advice about going dairy free for awhile. I suggest you go dairy and soy free for at least a month to see if there is any improvement. And keep a food diary, you may find another food that bothers you (like corn).

You are not crazy, it's the gluten that drives us crazy. No two people have the same symptoms that follow any order so it's always a guessing game.

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I agree with horsesoul to try soy free for a test. Soy was my big missing puzzle piece. I thought I developed casein intolerance ect and it was just the soy. Your Kraft Balsamic dressing would have soy bean oil and perhaps the gluten free chicken broth. The only brand I have found soy free for chicken broth is kitchen basics and better than boullion (chicken and beef). Soy hides under vegetable oil, vegetable protein ect. The FDA has different rules for soy, if its refined soy bean oil then it doesn't have to be declared because supposedly the protein is removed and those with soy allergies can safely eat it. Not me and many others so its a bummer and I find reading labels harder for soy than gluten. It is so worth it though, its made me 99% better (still accidently get contaminated because with my job I have to eat out a lot). It may be worth a try for you to try it for a few weeks. Also, sometimes food intolerances can take up to 72 hours to show up so a food diary can help figure that out a little easier. Soy gets me within a few hours and gluten gets me the next morning. A food diary will help you see a possible pattern. Good luck and keep us posted! :)

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