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4 Year Old Son With Dilated Pupils

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I'm relatively sure my son has the same issue that I do with gluten, and I'll be getting him on the diet soon. I have to wean him down first, because he doesn't take kindly to changes.

That being said, I'm curious if his pupil dilation is a symptom?? His eyes have ALWAYS been dilated much larger than they should be. It kind of freaks me out a little!

Anyone else's LO have this? He does have autism... dx'd in Jan 09.

Thanks for any info!

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Hi, I'm a newbie here, so I can only share my experience with my son. He is 25 now and has down syndrome. I started him on a gluten free diet 3 weeks ago (not officially diagnosed). Looking back, I believe he has always had symptoms of celiac but was never diagnosed. I must have told 100 doctors that before my son has a bout of aggressive behavior his pupils dilate. It is the strangest thing. I never got an answer to it. But whenever I saw a behavior problem his pupils almost covered his blue eyes. He has been diagnosed with everything BUT celiac. I now believe many of his problems may have stemmed from celiac disease. I'll have to wait and see if this diet helps him, and if it isn't too late to reverse some of the damage. I will watch his pupils and see if there is a change! I always believe it had to be something physical (rather than mental illness) to change the size of someone's pupils regardless of light!

PS I understand completely with dealing with a child who doesn't take kindly to change! It's been tough.

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