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Do I need to go back to eating gluten for the biopsy/scope? I had to for the blood test but what about the biopsy? It is coming up.

Oh and Why is it that I am suddenly losing hair NOW that I am gluten free, and I wasn't before I went gluten free?

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If you were gluten-free long enough to have some healing you need to go back on gluten for about 3 months for the tests to have any chance of accuracy. That said some of us even on a full gluten diet will show negative in blood and biopsy. How do you feel on the diet and how long and strict have you been with it?

As to the hair loss first thing to check is your shampoos and conditioners, do they contain wheat in any form? If so that may contribute to the loss. You also may need some vitamin supplements, the B's are important and we are often defiecient in those.

Hair loss can also occur after a stress or illness. Usually that shows up within about 3 months of the illness or stress so if you were very ill before diagnoisis that may factor in. I lose hair after a glutening, have you been glutened recently? If you were gluten free and then challenged for the blood testing that would be a cause.

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