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Should Brother Go gluten-free

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My 9 year old has been on a gluten-free diet since May 2009. We went through a trip to the ER and several trips to Dr's. We had 2 MRI's and a Sono since we were trying to rule out his appendices. They finally told me he was constipated and make sure he was eating a high fiber diet.

I looked at our diet and we were eating pretty high fiber already. I thought they kenw what they were talking about so I gave him the little fiber wafers. Yes the ones like cookies (Wheat) He was not getting any better but he was going to the bathroom every day.

I had a freind suggest going gluten free. We tried it and he satreted feeling a little better. His pain went from an 8 on a level from 1 - 10 to about a 5. It took about 6 month but now he feels much better. I accidntally glutened him the other day and it was not pretty.

Since he has gone gluten-free I think I probably have issues with gluten as well. Except for bread and pasta we are totally gluten-free at our house. When I have bread or pasta I end up in the bathroom most of the following day.

Now with all the history out of the way. I have a 12yr old son and he has Psoriasis really bad on his head. I have a family history or psoriasis, one of my older sons has it and I have it but it is not bad on myself. Question is does anyone think the psoriasis might be helped with a gluten-free diet?

No one in my family has been tested for Celiac but I would not even think of putting my son back on wheat at this point.

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[i see you are pretty new to the site here. One of the things that is often reccoememnded is to do a simple whole foods diet. Avoiding processed foods will save you time reading labels and trying to feret out hidden gluten ingredients.

I think it might be good for you to make your whole family gluten free, at least temporarily for about 6 months or so. That would be 6 months time for you to really learn about gluten-free eating and adapt your diet and your kids to gluten-free. By the end of 6 months you all would probably have a good idea if gluten hurts your body. There are blood tests for anitbodies you can get first though. They must be done while your are still eating gluten. Don't stop eating it until after the blood is drawn. The blood tests are not 100% accurate though, so it makes sense to try the diet also.

Another test is an endoscopy with biopsy samples of 4 to 6 sites in the small intestine. The endoscpoy is not nessecarily needed if your blood tests are positive IMHO.

Enterolabs does a stool sample test that may be interesting for you. They can also test for casein and other food intolerance issues. Many celiacs have lactose intolerance, although some get past that after healing a while.

There is also a home test kit or two available. One is Biocard from a Canadian company and another is a mouth swab from a company I don't remember he name of right now.

If you do a google on celiac disease and related condtions or associated conditions you can find lists of other autoimmune diseaes that are more common in celiacs. I am pretty sure I have read about psoriatic arthritits being related although I don't know if that applies to your situation.

There is also a condition called dermatitis herpetiformis which celiacs get that affects the skin.

Anyway, it seems like some testing would be a good idea. Since celiac is hereditary you could have it. Maybe you could check the related conditions lists against your families history of diseases and see if some of them match. There is also gluten intolerance which can cause serious problems for people even if they aren't nessecarily officially celiac diagnosed.

Maybe take a look at the pre-diagnosis forum here also. Lots of info on testing there.

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My sons GI doctor was concerned about Celiac because my mom has psoriasis. Celiac disease and psoriasis are cousins in the autoimmune dept. it is very possible your other family members have Celiac too.

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Without going into detail about my DS14 and my son's journey, we both started the diet last October. Because I'm not a restaurant, I decided that what I was cooking was good enough for the two of us, was good for everyone.

My DD16 had been eating this same diet for 6 weeks, when she had a Christmas concert. I dropped her off at 7 am and then didn't see her again until 10 pm.

When I was searching for her in the audience, I couldn't even find her. Why not? Well, my former little starch queen, couldn't get to her gluten-free lunch that I had made, so she ate the Wonderbread sandwich that was provided along with the cookies. Then for supper, she went to Quizno's for a sub.

When she appeared to me at the end of the concert, she literally looked like she was 6 months pregnant. Her face was swollen and her eyes were watery--and the following days--watch out what a bit**!

Since she has been on the diet, her acne has cleared up and extreme heavy period problems that she has had since she became a woman has disappeared--one gyne even wanted to put her on the pill at age 11! Menstrual cramping has almost disappeared.

Me?--psoriasis of the scalp has disappeared. Period that hasn't quit for the last 14 years is now normal--and to think--my gyne wanted to do a hysterectomy to see if it would stop--eeks!

We have never been formally diagnosed. I can't see the point after all the good that I've seen on the gluten-free diet. We were like you--many, many tests and scans, and many blood samples given to check for cancer, you name it--including ADHD drugs.

DS's anger issues, lack of concentration, vomiting, diarrhea, night terrors/sweats, acne, and more gone, gone, gone.

My God is An Awesome God.

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