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Upstream Brewery - Omaha, Ne

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I posted this under a different section pertaining to another topic, but it was suggested I post this review here as well in case anyone is traveling to Omaha:

I recently had an AMAZING experience eating at a local upscale brewery (of all places!) in my city. I explained to the waiter that I had celiac, which was essentially an allergy to wheat, rye, oats, and barley and anything made from those. He said he completely understood what that was, had experience serving other customers with that issue. He brought the manager over and explained my situation. They were both VERY VERY nice and respectful and understanding. I felt like they were there to make sure I was happy instead of in some restaurants where I have felt like a burden. They brough their head chef out then and he personally went over the menu with me, explained which dishes I could eat and how they would change them to make them gluten free. The chef then walked me back to the entryway of the kitchen. He showed me where they would be cooking my food, which pans they would be using (newly cleaned ones), and how they would ensure my food would not be cross contaminated. Then he and the manager asked if there was anything additional they could do to make me feel more comfortable prior to cooking my food. I said no, thank you so much for the help, and I went back to my table with my friends and family. I am the only celiac sufferer in the group, and they were all jealous of the personal attention I received! When our meals were ready, the waiter brought over the rest of the table's food, and the head chef brought my meal out personally. He explained again the changes they made to the meal and he left it with me. I started eating it (it was absolutely INCREDIBLE, by the way!!) and the manager came right over to make sure everything was just perfect! I completely enjoyed my meal and time with my family and friends and it was one of the least stressful times I've ever had ordering since going gluten free! Needless to say, I will be going back there quite often! Also, just to make the point that Celiac individuals GREATLY appreciate the extra effort and attention given to our meals, our ENTIRE party tipped 40% on the bill.

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