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Moxie Cola Is gluten-free!

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After several weeks of searching and making phone calls to people who should know if Moxie is gluten-free, but didn't..as well as one call to a bottler that said, "What's GLUTEN?"

I found that Coca Cola bottling co of New England bottles Moxie and according to Justin who is in charge of the moxie's, "Moxie has been tested and is 100% gluten-free"

That is of course as of 12/22/09. Things change, always check.

yay!! Got my moxie's back! :D

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He didn't know what gluten is--I'm sure even fewer people know about Moxie. I grew up on Long Island Sound in southern Connecticut. My father came from Maine and right up until his death he managed to return to Maine at least once a year. When I was little I remember him bringing home wooden boxes made to hold small glass bottles of Moxie. In those days Coke and Pepsi came in similar sizes. No body had heard of 2 liter plastic bottles! Vending machines dispensed bottles of soda for a nickel. Even then, Moxie wasn't found in a lot of places and my dad had to bring it home from Maine. He thought all flavored sodas, other than Moxie, were just carbonated sweet water. To this day I say Moxie tastes worse than Robitussin and almost as bad a beer. I vacation in Maine when I can and I have gone to the Moxie Mecca of Maine, Lisbon Falls. The store is gone now but maybe 15 years ago I went to an old soda fountain drug store and talked to Frank, the owner, who was a self proclaimed Moxie historian. In those days the town had a yearly Moxie festival and cars from all over the continent came to take part. Cars with Moxie number plates got to be in the front. I keep some Moxie in the house and occasionally offer it to people who have no idea what the first soft drinks tasted like around 1900. I even named one of my Siberian huskies Moxie. If anyone is interested, Google Moxie and you will find some really interesting stuff. It was quite the "in" drink for many years.

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