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Went To Doctor

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Well I made it to my gi appt. My symptoms have gotten worse over the this past week. I think I may have a problem with my gallbladder. I am having horrible acid reflux(does not matter what I eat), burping, gas, an intense feeling like my stomach will not empty, a tugging/pinching feeling in my epigastric/RUQ, increased frequency of the rest room, and trouble swallowing pills. These are not typical symptoms of a glutening for me. Usually acid reflux/heart burn followed by bloating and constipation for 3-5 days. My husband and I don't think it is gluten related (or not entirely). I have felt pretty good today, but I have not had anything to eat since 3:00 am. I'm in for it now, I just ate, so here in about 15 min. or so I will start to be miserable. I explained all of this to the nurse practitioner and she suggested in the meanwhile to take some pills for the acid reflux(kapidex). I actually agreed with her. I'm having my celiac panel redone just to make sure gluten is not sneaking in somewhere and am scheduled for a gallbladder ultrasound on Friday. She mentioned maybe needing another scope. I told her I wanted to rule out gallbladder problems first. So first the ultrasound and if that is inconclusive I'll have the HIDA scan. If that is alright, then I'll agree to another scope. So I guess I'll find out soon.

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Well, I'm sitting here worring myself. Just the thought of having surgery is causing me anxiety. I never had anxiety like this until I had my endoscopy and colonoscopy. Of course because of insurance reasons, if I needed surgery, I would like to have it done at the hospital I work at. But that is where I am having the problem. First let me state I love where I work and it is a good hospital. The problem is the choice of surgeons. There are two, both in the same practice and one of them is the one who screwed up my husband(office procedure). :unsure: The other seems allright, but for me it would not be feasable because of the affiliation. I can use another hospital (upon approval) that is in network, but then I am taking my chances with a surgeon that I don't have any prior knowledge of. At this point, because of what happened to my husband, the latter option is sounding better. I know I shouldn't be fretting over this but I can't help it. Also the thought of an actual surgery is quite disturbing. I've seen plenty of laproscopic cholecystectomies, but it's easier to keep perspective when it is someone else. I also have had a couple of people on my mind lateley. My parent's good friends son just passed away on Sunday from a year long battle of esophagus cancer (he was only 40) and my brother's sister-in-law (we went to high school together) is battling stomach cancer and it does not look good. I know that I shouldn't be worring about something I don't have an answer to yet, but it's hard not to. Thanks for letting me rant.

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