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Gaining Weight

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Hi, i'm seventeen and a ballet dancer. I lost a ton of weight before declaring myself gluten intolerant, since then i have gained a bit back but i'm having trouble keeping it on/ gaining more. I feel like if i go somewhere were i can't find gluten free food for even just one night (like a party), and i end up not eating enough, i've lost a ton of weight the next day and spend days putting it back on. Or if i eat something with gluten and feel sick, the same thing happens.

Also, I feel like all the packaged gluten free food is super unhealthy-- its packed with extra fat and sugar, so i don't really wanna over eat on just that because id like to put the weight on as muscle, not so much fat to help me with dancing. Can anyone give me advice? Either for healthier snack options with higher protein or maybe something i should be doing??


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I am much like you with weight. For me some of it comes with the health challenges I have now, but I've always had that kind of metabloism too. You will need to learn to plan ahead and take food with you. Make it your homework to know where there are places to get food near the places or on the way to where you go and find things that you can purchase there. For example, I know that in a pinch I can buy package nuts at most gas stations, I know a few restaurants where I can get at least one safe meal that meets my needs and restrictions. It can be frustrating at first but just give yourself the goal of finding just one safe option at or near where you need them. Sometimes I don't make any progress on these types of projects because I start seeing and get lost in what I can't have and get burnt out or give up. Focus on the CAN even if it's not the most exciting thing-a salad for example. Something is better than nothing and when you get one option sorted out as your standby, you'll be able to build on that in time and find more. Bring something in your bag to nibble on at the party. Buy some insulated lunch bags to carry your food around in to other places.

Fat won't make us fat unless we are consuming massive amounts of carbohydrates with it. It's the insulin that our body puts out to take care of all the carbs coupled with the excess calories that causes excess weight gain. Add in resistance to the insulin because of the constant large amounts of it that are needed to process all the carbs. You are right to watch the sugar and processed foods. I am on a low-carbohydrate diet and eat plenty of fats and am not overweight and have beautiful cholesterol numbers. My body burns fat as energy. Fats may be a good thing for you. Protein is certainly a good choice. It has helped me keep my weight on and the doctor who's advice I follow recommends keeping up the protein to his thin patients who need to gain weight. I eat about 16 ounces a day from meat alone just to give you an idea. Hard boiled eggs are portable. There are some brands of sausage sticks that are gluten-free and are portable. Natural cheese, nuts, nut butters, unsweetened wholemilk yogurt with a bit of fresh fruit, avacados. Maybe snack on healthy whole foods more often or have an extra small meal in the afternoon. Hope that helps a bit.

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Hi Evi,

Missy'smom gave some good advice.

I completely agree on avoiding many of the processed gluten free foods. Try to focus on naturally gluten free foods like meats, cheeses (if you can do dairy), yogurt, (greek yogurt is awesome-thick and high in protein), fruits/veggies, nuts and nut butters, rices, potato, sweet potato, quinoa, buckwheat, there's a ton of great food that we CAN eat :)

Try to keep some snacks on hand-nuts are a great source of healthy fat and calories and you can keep a ziploc bag in your purse or car. If you do carry a small cooler you can keep chicken or beef, cottage cheese, eggs etc. Have a few snacks between meals, with a protein source at each one. Get something in every couple hours, even if it's small.

For a while you may also still be having difficulty with absorption until your gut heals as well.

Take care!

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