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Hair Loss And Dandruff

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Hi, I am dealing with my hair falling out and bad scalp pain and dandruff. I have used everything in the store to help with this, I am wondering if this can be a cause of Celiac, has anyone had this problem? I have yet to find a doctor that knows about celiac and cant seem to find help anywhere. I hope someone is out there and can help. Thank You and hello to all you celiacs out there!! : :D

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Yes, these problems could be a result from using hair products that contain gluten. Be sure it's dandruff and not just dry skin that is your problem. Neutrogena's T-Gel shampoo is gluten free.

Look under Doctor's to find someone in your area. If your area is not listed then make a post using your city and state as the Topic Title. If someone in that area knows a good doctor they can post it for you.


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