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Completely Disappointed

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Thanks for the links and for sharing some of the experiences and symptoms that you all have been going through. It has been helpful!

I hope with time all problems resolve for all of us - hopefully less time rather than more. :D

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Ummm....you know, I'm sure it was all that pineapple upside-down cake I'd been consuming! ;)

In answer to your question--and I hope I don't get in trouble here--I'm not sure. I drink filtered water, don't use pewter plates or anything...I did however, grow up sort of between 3 military bases, and found on the EPA's site reports of the horrific poisoning of the wells in the area (we had a well) in the area. I live across a narrow bay from another base, and the same site listed at least 52 or so "known" heavy metals in the bay.

My doc said that she's getting as many of her patients as are willing to do this test, and that they all say, "How in the world could I have heavy metal poisoning?" And she tells them "Because it's in the air, the water, the ground---pretty much everywhere. Because you live on Planet Earth."

Got any metal fillings in your teeth?

If you're going through hell, keep going. ~Winston Churchill

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Oh, I'd forgotten about them. :blink: I had them replaced with the porcelain or whatever it is, about 3 1/2 years ago. But I didn't realize at the time (which was dumb) that when you do this, you're supposed to do a heavy-metal detox, at least for mercury, because removing them releases a lot of mercury. Then last year, when my doc had me do the detox, I was researching h.m. poisoning, and read about detoxing before and after the fillings come out. Believe me, I was doing the Homer Simpson "DOH!"

I'm still not sure about the lead and tungsten, unless it's from the military stuff. I could find very little on tungsten....almost everything I found said it hadn't been studied much, except in Russia. And wouldn't you know it, all the Russian sites re. the stuff were in Russian! About all I could find was that it's used a lot in military "stuff" (of course they never said what), and some interesting little articles re. leukemia clusters in Fallon, NV several years back. They tested the area and found it to be quite high in tungsten. Fallon has a Navy base, I believe.

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I have almost finished Shauna "Gluten free Girl" book. It's really been a pleasure to read something about Celiac that is also uplifting and enlightening. I made her chocolate banana bread w/ teff flour from her blog the other day, it turned out awesome!

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