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Carb Cravings?

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I've been totally gluten-free for about a month now. I've just started finding myself with really bad carb cravings, particularly for salty, starchy carbs like potatoes. I get ridiculously cranky (seriously, like I'm a 2-year-old in need of a nap) until I get some carbs. I never really got cravings for carbs before going gluten-free so I'm wondering if it's just part of the adjustment.

Unfortunately I keep reaching for potato chips, since those are easily accessible in our break room and admittedly I'm still really unsure of what carbs are ok and what carbs will make me sick. I'm trying to lose all the gluten weight I gained before my dx, so this isn't going to fly for long and I really want a healthier alternative.

Can anyone recommend something that's low-fat/low-cal, gluten-free and can satisfy a carb craving?

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why low fat? Fat really has a bum rap and is actually healthy for you. Except transfats. Transfats are bad. And your potato chips are probably full of them. ;)

The best way to kick bad carb cravings is cold turkey. You can't slay a well fed dragon I always say. But it's best to keep yourself well fed. Which means don't let yourself get hungry. Hungry causes cravings. Cravings are bad.

Always eat breakfast. Not cereal. Cereal is feeding your carb cravings. Have an omlette with some veggies and cheese in it. Or some chicken and broccoli.

Always bring healthy snack foods to work with you. Get a cooler bag if you have to. Pickles and cheese. Half an avocado and some pork rinds (drink lots of water!). Veggies and dip.

Never skip lunch. And have another healthy snack in the afternoon. Some nuts, or seeds or (berry free no chocolate) trail mix. (the sweet dried berries will trigger cravings)

Then have a sensible supper with meat and veggies with healthy fats.

If you eat 5 or 6 small meals per day, rather than only 2 or 3 with the binge snacking in the afternoon, you can kick the carb habit.

Check out the new Atkins book. It's incredibly easy to follow these days.

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I find if I haven't had enough protein (like today - lol!) I am prone to carb cravings. I would suggest making sure you have some healthy, low fat protein at each meal and with each snack. This helps me control the cravings amazingly well!

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