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Just Starting The Process

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I'm just now starting the process of trying to figure out what is going on w/my body. I just got results from food allergy tests, and the only thing I reacted to were egg whites. My MD suspects gallbladder, but after reading about issues w/the gallbladder, I tend to think it's more food related. I've just started an elimination diet and meet w/a nutritionist next week. Yesterday was an awesome day! It was the first day I've been pain and gas free. It was wonderful. Can't say the same about today. I ate pretty much the exact same breakfast and lunch. However, this afternoon was very painful. I kind of think that my body probably needs time to get rid of decades of ick. Anyway, I'm hopeful. I'd love to hear your beginning experiences. Am I right to think that it will take a while to get my body at a fairly neutral state? I was just so hopeful because yesterday was wonderful. One more thing - eating my new "natural" diet, I am not hungry. I'm stunned! I've eliminated starch and refined sugar. It's amazing how I'm simply not hungry. It's a real first!

TIA for your insight, sharing, and wisdom.


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:ph34r: I'm sorry to tell you but you can have a gall bladder problem and Celiac. My gall bladder was making me really sick and it definately was better or worse depending on what I ate. :ph34r:

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