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Gluten Sensitivity Dx & Relative Testing

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Recently diagnosed with non-celiac gluten sensitivity based on a motley assortment of test results and response to diet (see signature). Including the assorted helpful comments of "Well, it can be patchy so you may have damage further down your intestines or we just missed it" and "You may be able to eat small amounts of gluten later in life." Argggg...

But, the relevent question is whether to get my parents to take themselves off to a doctor to get bloodwork done. If it were celiac disease, the guidelines say absolutely. But... gluten sensitivity? Any thoughts? No genetic testing done yet. I may or may not pay for it at some later date.

And it will take work. My mother probably hasn't been to a doctor in 15 years. Father has digestive issues and shellfish allergy, but denies any digestive issues. No siblings or children. Suggestions welcome & needed!

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I would encourage you to have the DNA genetic marker tests. A Dr. said she thought I had celiac disease and ordered a Celiac Panel, anti gliadin antibodies, ttg and allergies to food common in celiac disease. Only the anti gliadin was elevated along with allergies to cow's milk and hot peppers. I definatly felt better after a few days gluten-free, but the Dr became confused because only one test was positive. I immediately ordered the DNA test from Enterolab and have never regreted the cost. I inherited the predisposition from both parents, had developed symptoms by age 4, had osteoporosis and skin problems and have a brother with Type 1 Diabetes.

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