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Gluten Free-But Proccessed With Wheat?!

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Gluten Free! JUST KIDDING!  

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  1. 1. Do you think it is wrong to process something labeled gluten free on machienary shared with wheat products?

    • Yes, if you tell me it's gluten free, make it true!
    • No, think about the costs! As long as they bake it gluten-free it's fine!
    • Maybe they should consider it

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I don't understand why I will buy a "Gluten Free" product, then look on the back and see it is processed on machinerary that manufactures wheat products-seriously if you are going to bother making something gluten free, why not do it WELL?? :huh:

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I believe that you are in the United States.

In the US, there is currently no legally defined meaning for gluten-free. It means whatever the company wants it to mean. At the end of the day, it means what the plaintiff's lawyer can convince a jury it should mean. :angry:

Canada has a clear rule that no ingredient derived from wheat, rye, barley or oats can be intentionally included in a "gluten-free" product.

In both countries, there is nothing about possible cross-contamination in the existing or proposed rules.

Declaration of shared facilities or shared equipment is totally voluntary. If you see a cautionary statement, consider it. But do not assume anything if there is not such a statement.

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An added thought:

Most manufacturers adhere to what is called "good manufacturing practices." These include segregation of ingredients and cleaning of equipment.

Consider this: If you allow any foods in your home that contain wheat (or another gluten source), then your home is a "shared facility." If you use the same plates and cutlery, or put them in the same dishwasher, then you have "shared equipment."

If you ever eat at a restaurant, even one with a gluten-free menu, the facility is shared and it is very likely that the same dishwasher is used.

For the first years after my diagnosis, my wife continued to eat foods with gluten with a shared pool of plates and cutlery and a shared dishwasher. Five years in, I was retested and no sign of celiac disease was found in my intestines.

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