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Anyone With A Mixed Home And A Success Story?

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I really don't know if I will ever see change, I can't for the life of me figure out of I am getting CC'd or perhaps am one of those super sensitive types, or even just dealing with intolerance to something else all together =/

I basically live on



then for the rest of the day I generally will have chicken or beef, y'know the kind wrapped in some plastic or whatever at the local food place. (lately I've seen those posts about that being bad because of what they are fed)

and with the meat..

http://www.arcticgardens.ca/en/solutions.php the mix with just green/yellow beans and baby carrots and we just steam that.

the worst part, is I have no idea what I can have other then those, fruits seem to bother me. and I've always had lactose intolerance.

and yes I've considered the milk.. I just need to start making rice bread or something I guess.

I just don't know how to tell if something is CCing me.. and I don't notice how.. or if it's the food.. =/

really really lost.. any advice.. would be great.

Maybe I should find a book on living with a mixed home for both I and my mum to read?

oh and sometimes I have http://www.rizopia.com/M1Sel1.htm rice spaghetti with just white rice/brown rice and water in it, but the Huntz tomato sauce in a can I got with it seemed to be giving me some heartburn so I stopped that for the moment =/


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I don't have a success story, sorry. I just wanted to tell you what you already know. Drop the milk and cereal. There are so MANY other things that people eat for breakfast besides cereal. Check out this breakfast thread and see what people are eating:

Also look at the dinner thread for more ideas of what you can cook for yourself:

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Mixed home did not work for me. I had to put everyone on gluten free to save me from being sick all the time.

You said "mum" so I'm thinking you are in the UK. I don't know if you can get this, but Gluten Free Pantry Basic Sandwich bread can be made with oil and water instead of butter and milk. The ingredients are simple which is why I first tried it. It doesn't have any tapioca, which bothered me when I was new to gluten free. It doesn't have a list of 20 ingredients. I don't have the box handy but it's like rice flour, potato starch and somethings like that. Like maybe 4 or 5 ingredients. And it's super easy to make. Mix it up, let it rise and bake in loaf pan. No need for a breadmaker. It tastes like a normal white loaf of bread and doesn't fall apart for a sandwich. I let it rise an hour, not half hour like the directions say cuz it doesnt' rise that fast in my house.

If you are new to the diet, you may just still be healing too. It took me 6 months to have ONE completely symptom free day. I had improvements right away but I was still pretty sick for awhile.

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Okay, let's see.

First, I suppose the biggest question is: what are your symptoms? If it's gut only, that might suggest certain things. If it's gut and other issues, that might suggest other problems to some of the folks here who have had to deal with all that good stuff.

For the food you are living off of...yeah, I'd drop a lot of it, honestly. It's just so easy to have something cc'd, and when you know something is wrong and are trying to track it down, the less variables you have, the better you'll be, usually.

As an example, the cereal company Nature's Path only tests their product periodically, so you can't be guaranteed that every batch is actually gluten free. Also, if you are eating a lot of this cereal, simply by eating a large amount, you can get too much gluten, even if they ARE always gluten free. It's just because the gluten free standard is quantity based, 20mg/kg. You eat 2 kg of gluten free food, you may get just under 40mg of gluten. You eat much more than that, then you are getting more than the recommended amount of gluten for a gluten free diet (latest study was finding that it should be less than 50mg of gluten a day for a celiac to be safe, but even that is likely high).

It's just kind of like eating too many low calorie foods and gaining weight instead of losing it, you know?

A couple of thoughts, depending on what your symptoms are.

- if a lot of your symptoms are gut related, have you looked at fructose malabsorption as opposed to fructose intolerance? This not only involves fruit but also some vegetables, grains, and legumes, as well. If you look up 'diet' and 'fructose malabsorption' you might find some ideas. Some things that crop up with this, as I recall, are that yogurt tends to make fructose malabsorption worse, as well as things like brown rice making symptoms worse, but white rice being much better.

- Have you kept a food journal? That might help, especially if you can get your diet down to a food or two for a few days so that you can slowly add in food and keep track of how you are feeling. I would say, if you are concerned about cc, you might also keep track of what pans you're using, or how safe/unsafe you were when you made the food, you know?


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