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Could It Be Celiac?

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Okay so I have been having stomach problems for about 2 months. I first began noticing my problem when I would go running. Even when running on an empty stomach I would have a sloshing sound in my stomach. The dr gave me omeprozole thinking it could be increased stomach acid but even on the highest dosage I am sill having a sloshing stomach 24/7. Even while I am sitting down you can hear this soohong noise in my stomach. After avoiding acidic foods for 2 months I am still experiencing problems. I am going to the GI on Thursday so hopefully they will have some insight as to what is going on. with my every movement the waterfall noise is audible. it sounds and feel like I just chugged a gallon of water. please help I am desperate, it's starting to get in the way with my running training because I will vomit from getting nauseous from all of this movement in my stomach, I also feel bloated along with the sloshing. please help me!!

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