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Is A Change In Reaction To Gluten Possible

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Hi everyone just looking for help .......After being gluten free for about 5 weeks i was getting to feel a lot better acid reflux had lessened,bloating was almost gone stomach cramps were few and far between and constipation was getting better, but went to a dinner party last week and although our friends had made every effort for me i am pretty sure i got glutened.....

Since then my constipation is back but I have been extremely fatigued all week with a really fuzzy head, chest tightness and an almost uncontrollable hunger along with stomach cramps again .....This week i have felt worse than ever is it possible that your symptoms change or get worse really confused



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Welcome Rich, and yes, it is indeed possible, especiallly after we hve been gluten free for a while and the body has had a rest from fighting gluten. Symptoms often become worse with the reintroduction of gluten which is why so few make it through a gluten challenge for testing - the pain is just intolerable. Your friends may well have used all gluten free ingredients, but their cookware was probably contaminated with gluten, so you have been what we refer to as cross-contaminated. I am sorry you are feeling so bad and hope you get to feeling better soon. A glutening can last for a couple of weeks in some people. :(

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They are probably not getting worse. You noticed them going away right?...and now, they are back. Sorry, hon! Unfortunately, the healing process is an up and down road. If you are OFF gluten and feel better, when you get hit, you feel worse.

It is quite possible you were glutened. :blink:

Even well-meaning friends (whose kitchens are NOT gluten-free) cannot avoid cross-contamination.(CC) A cutting board, a strainer, maybe a knife that cut bread was CCed?? My sister tried valiantly to make me my own turkey last year, but (without thinking) basted the stuffed one and mine with the same baster ALL DAY LONG :rolleyes:

I did not find out until I helped wash dishes and could only find one baster. She felt so bad. How could she know? I was newly Dxed and had only schooled her in the big points of living gluten-free. The next few weeks were not so great! <_<

We both learned a valuable lesson.

Drink a lot of water and know it's going to pass in a week or so. (Takes me longer, but that's just Me :rolleyes: )

Sorry you got "hit". If you are newly DXed, try to avoid dairy and take some probiotics.

You'll be okay. :)

Best wishes!

***Edited to add: I see "Shroomie" and I were posting simultaneously!! :)

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