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I have been almost Gluten-Free (had a slip up) for 3 days. I am climbing the walls wanting sugar, Gluten-Free starchy snacks. Its like I cant get satiated! Is this normal? Geez, I certainly cant keep this up!

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Yes. It's called withdrawal.

And if you have yeast issues (sounds like you do from previous posts if I'm recalling correctly) its just that much harder for you.

There are two ways to go about this. One, eat the gluten-free carb foods and wean yourself off. Two, go cold turkey and perhaps end the candida with the gluten. Every bit of carb you put in will feed the candida, even if they are gluten-free carbs.

I don't know anything about curing a systemic candida infection, others here do. I do know it's tough because it feeds on sugars. I tried a low-candida diet for a while because they thought my DH was a yeast infection. I felt great (minus the cravings) because it was also gluten-free....but it was TOUGH.

Anyway, candida aside the first weeks of gluten-free are tough for multiple reasons. I found a crutch...at the time Hershey's Kisses. Junior Mints ended up being better because they are milk/egg free and I was doing the low-iodine thing. And I ate Talenti gelato like a pregnant lady with cravings.

Hang in there.

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