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New Here Horrible Left Abdominal Pain

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Trying to find out if I have Celiacs. Thanks for checking this out.

I started having gagging attacks in 2006 daily I went to a gluten free diet the daily gagging attacks went away. if I order gluten free pizza from a pizza chain or eat cheese I get these horrible pain attacks in the upper left stomach every 6 months.

1. the pain attacks starts as an gurgling stomach with water noise, in my stomach followed by water diarrhea, followed by horrible pain in the left upper stomach, the pain is so bad that bending over on the couch helps relax the pain. my stomach sour during these attacks. (staying in bed laying on the left side also reduces pain.

2. before these episodes hit I notice pain under the right shoulder blade 1-3 weeks forehand., I am extremely nauseous 1-3 weeks before the attacks. the attacks happen.

3. the night before the pain attacks I have cheese or creamy cheese dairy products or cake or pizza.

4. I have a burning in the upper left stomach all the time.

5. after the horrible left side pain calms down my whole left stomach in sore with a raw feeling, the pain can be felt in the left side of back.

6. I can not eat Citrus Fruit, soy, wheat dairy because it causes theses pain attacks to come on.

the doctors have done many test for gallbladder, liver everything comes back good, all the cat-scans and xray's are good.,

The doctor has put me on maalox and famotidine 20mg twice a day to help resolve the stomach pain and burning, the famotidine has help stop the burning and pain. I am going to have an Endoscopy with the G.I Doc.

The main Problem is

horrible Burning pain in upper left abdominal quad

does anyone have any ideas where to start ruling out what the problem is, Something is wrong causing pain, but blood test, diagnostic imaging are all good.



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Have you been tested for celiac while you were still eating gluten? You have to be eating a regular gluten filled diet for the tests to be accurate.

You mention you notice the pain when eating gluten, soy and dairy. It sounds like you may be intoleant of all of them if they bring on the pain and D.

If you want to be tested for celiac then you need to be eating gluten at least 3 times a day for about 3 months before testing. If this is something you can't do because of the reaction you do have your answer and you need to be very strict with avoiding all three of those items that you are reacting to.

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