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Does Any Of This Sound Familiar?

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I am a 52 year old guy. I have always had trouble managing my weight, especially the size of my belly. Its not really fat just distended like a pregnant lady. My Dad and uncles all had the same symptoms. Sadly they all passed fron colorectal cancer.

As for the celiac symtoms, I have almost all of them. They seem to come during periods of stress in my life, then they go, but lately they have stayed. The most noticable apart from the bloating are joint pain, anxiety, rashes, tingling in the hands and feet, itchy bum, constant sneezing, and a craving for toast! I havent had a diagnosis, but bloodwork tested negative.

A few years ago, I got on the low carb bandwagon, and for the first time lost weight. The other symptoms I mentioned also lessened.It then occured to me for the first time I might have gluten intolerance. This summer, at the request of my daughter, I became a vegetarian. I lost a litle weight, but the other symptoms were even worse.

On Jan 01 I stopped eating gluten. Now on Jan 25, my waist has shrunk two belt notches, and the other symptoms have eased. I look and feel better. One other 'weird' thing that is occuring is a not unpleasant tingling, or a shiver of pleasure that starts in the pit of my stomach and goes up my spine. I havent had this since I was a child. This is opposite to my normal 'dead and bloated' sensation. All I can think of is this 'good' sensation is a sign my intestines are healing? Thank you all for taking the time to read and comment on my post..

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It certainly sounds like you have a problem with gluten? A family history of colon cancers puts you in a higher risk for being Celiac/gluten intolerant.

It seems like a lot of people find they have issues with gluten when they go on the diets that restrict carbs? That seems to be the case with you too?

Hopefully, you've found the answer to your trouble losing weight. Have you found other symptoms have resolved for you too?

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