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Gluten Challenge For A Child

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My DD is 3 and has been gluten-free nearly all her life. With her entering preschool, we are trying to determine if she needs to be gluten-free. She is currently on the same diet as her older brother (he is dx with Celiac) which is gluten as well as egg, dairy, peanut, tree nut and a few other things free.

I would like (for easy of school) to trial her on wheat and see if she reacts and/or get blood work done. Our GI said after a month we can test her which I am not so sure about but any way...

I am wondering if the safest way to include gluten while minimizing risks to our older child would be to add vital wheat gluten to something she'll easily eat s as not to crumb up the place? We are not a totally gluten-free home but do have separate prep and cooking vessels.

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You could give her cream of wheat cereal (no crumbs) made in a stainless steel pot or in a bowl in the microwave if there is an instant kind.

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