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Rash Showed Up Right After Eating Wheat/gluten

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So, I just wanted to get other's perspectives. This is the rash that showed up immediately after eating a hamburger happy meal (after being gluten-free for a couple of days).

Wheatrash.jpg (did I load that right?)

My son has a small wheat allergy (he tested at .49 and normal is .35 or less), and his bloodwork from his Celiac panel came out 'very low in all areas'.

Does this rash look like an allergy rash from eating wheat (he has never gotten a rash before) or could it be DH? It has been here for 3 days, all of which he has been getting a little bit of wheat each day (I had thought we weren't through with our celiac testing). He also was scratching his whole body and said that his hand hurt about an hour after eating the happy meal. We are now going back to gluten-free and I am anxious to see if the rash will go away.

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My son had eczema when he was little that went down in proportion to how much gluten got eliminated from his diet when I went gluten-free. He would still eat it out of the house at parties and such and still had a small band around his ankles regularly. It went away completely and stayed away never to return, when we took him gluten-free. There are vaarious rashes that can be associated with wheat allergy. We are still sorting out what is up with him and wheat/gluten. My son also had pos blood and skin test for wheat allergy at the time. His Celiac status is not clear so we are re-introducing gluten after 3 yrs gluten-free and watching and waiting and planning re-testing. It seemed that he got hives a couple days after re-introduction. Your kiddo's rash looks a bit like the rash that started us allergy testing several years ago. My son ate a frozen pizza and vomited and got a small rash within 5-10 min. of eating it. The doc only tested for top 8 allergens at the time but later we changed to a different allergist and had a more thorough panel run.

There's no one rash that everyone gets for allergen x. Everyone's bodies channel the reaction differntly and even in the individual it can vary from time to time as it did with my son. I have a soy allergy and have had a number of reactions but suddenly got a rash a bit like your kiddo's, only a little bigger-pencil eraser size this last time from a medication that contained soy oil. My rash came up suddenly and red spots consistant in size and itchy. They took a while to heal. Never got p%$#@# or anything just red. I don't get rashes often and that was the first time I'd gotten one from soy. I am hard-wired for GI inflamation, immediate diareeah, mouth burning with my various food allergies. I know others who have the same allergies and get usually get rashes or other types of symptoms. I think each of our bodies are programmed somewhat to deal with it in our own way.

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