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Pure Pantry Cookies

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So a day or two after I found out I'm some sort of freak of nature with all this pseudotumor crap I happened to be at the store and noticed a cart full of clearance stuff marked for $1. Without much hope but never one to pass up a deal I dig in and find The Pure Pantry chocolate chip cookie mixes which declare loudly on the front just for me SOY FREE. Sure that I am incapable of being 100% chocolate free I dig through the cart as if it contained diamonds and unearthed 13 bags. I got so excited when they actually rung up for $1 (I had this fear that it was all a mistake they were in there) that I squealed like a little girl and hopped up and down.

I was admittedly skeptical. Free of gluten, dairy, nuts, soy and eggs how good could they really be. (I did use butter and eggs rather than substitutes.) I cooked up my first bag of them tonight and they're actually pretty good. They could have been just a teensy bit more moist but other than that they're great.

Yes, they have just a little chocolate in them that I shouldn't be eating. I'm also just a little bit on my period and in need of chocolate. The only thing between me and being on the 6 o'clock news in an orange jumpsuit is these cookies. :lol:

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