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Vitacost Gluten Enzyme?!

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I know what you mean about Enzymedica being somewhat misleading with some of their products. I did mention that I had to correct the owner of the company at a lecture I attended on the Gluten Ease product they carry. I got the impression that they were trying to tout the product as helping Celiacs digest gluten better, which would give the impression that you could cheat and use this to cover your butt.....oh no, no, no! I just don't think they grasp the severity of Celiac and the fact that you can't even have a teeny bit...which is the impression that the general population without Celiac has. Wrong!

However, that doesn't stop me from researching and using their enzymes, which are some of the best on the market. I would have no problem recommending them to anyone.

They have stopped the advertising they were using a few years ago. It took some protests by people in the celiac world to get them to change it though. It's fine to use their products if you like them. :)

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