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Come And Rant!

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Okay - here's mine. My husband and I are celebrating Christmas with my family in another state. Originally I thought I could not possibly start the diet until Jan. after the holidays and a business trip. I know I was really just trying to make it easy on my family because my Mother makes a big deal out of the fact that we don't eat red meat. Now with my anemia I do eat red meat about twice a week. So now I have moved my biopsy up to right after Thanksgiving. I know that I will go on the diet regardless of the results so I can see if my anemia improves and that will give me an answer - neg. biopsy or not.

So I tell my sister when she calls last week to discuss her 'international Christmas meal' that she serves on Dec. 23rd that I'll be on the gluten-free diet then. She is making something with soy sauce/honey and I tell her I'll bring my own soy sauce and make my own sauce since. So today I speak to my Mother and she says my sister told her I'd be on the diet at Christmas and why was that? I explained that I'd rather get started sooner rather than later since if I have celiac disease I'm damaging myself every day. So she asks about Christmas dinner and I say I can have everything we normally have, just have to make homemade cornbread since the mix we use is not gluten-free(oddly). I tell her the only thing I can't make regular is pecan pies and I'd try and figure out how to make a gluten-free pie crust and my husband will make a reg. pie for them since the filling is for two pies. And I say that I can't have fried onions (from can) for the green bean casserole but my husband may try and fry some onions up in gluten-free flour and we'd test that out here before the holiday. Side point I must mention. I have told my Mother about all my invasive tests and about the positive bloodwork that I probably have celiac disease. I explained as much as I could about the fact that there is gluten in so many things including many non bread and non pasta products. Okay so after I say we can't use French's fried onions in the casserole, she says "oh we can just use saltines - you can have those can't you?" Hello??!!!

This is one time I know it's such a blessing that we don't see my family but a few times a year. My Mother doesn't want me to have celiac disease mostly because she doesn't want to have it and she will never get tested I'm sure. And that's her right if she wants to shorten her life span, that's her business. When I first mentioned what my doctor thought I could possibly have and I read up on it and then told my Mother. She was all excited to get tested herself since she has some symptoms that I think could indicate celiac disease - her docs have no answers about what is wrong with her. So recently I asked her if she'd talked to her doctor and she just said no and that she didnt' think she could have celiac disease. Well she just won't get tested because she thinks it's better to be in denial and that's the way she is with everything in her life so this will be no different. That's her problem not mine. I will give everyone in my family the best articles I can find on celiac disease (recommendations from any of you appreciated) so at least they have the knowledge that they should get tested and I can feel good that I did my part to educate them. And I will send the articles with thank you notes from Christmas so I don't ruin our holiday together.

Dx'd with anemia - March 2005

Positive blood tests - Sept. 2005

Positive biopsy - Jan. 2006

Gluten free since 1-23-06

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As if pollen allergies are "normal" - those people are allergic to air!!!

I love it!!!

(I've been skittish about juice ever since I got glutened by stupid Tropicana).

You've got glutened by Tropicana, too?

And one other thing... I just wish that all companies would clearly list gluten on the label and say if there is cross contamination!

That's the same thing I'm wishing for. It would make life so much easier. No more carrying folders with allowed glutenfree food in there around. No more guessing. That would be really cool.

She's really got you where she wants you.  You buy it and she eats it and you're guilty if you tell the truth about it.  Every addict's dream.  Except that's killing both of you.  Your ignorance and her denial.

I hate people like that. This is soooo annoying.

Uuugh, I love this thread. Strangely enough I enjoy reading people's rants, too. Makes me feel better and gives me the feeling I'm not alone. Before I discovered this one however I already had a ranting session today in another thread.

But I soooo DO MISS KitKat!!!! :P


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