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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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Skin Rash And Gluten?

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Hi guys! This is my first post here, so please be overbearing in case I've posted this in the wrong forum.

First of all, I should stress that I don't have celiac disease - I've recently been tested in connection with some stomach issues and the results were negative.

Anyways, I'll be brief: I've suffered from mild acne for a couple of years now. It is very mild, so most people don't even notice it. Yet, I've been fairly annoyed with it since I refrain from eating sugary foods, junk food and so on (not really because of my skin, but because I've got to family members with diabetes so eating healthy has always been a prime concern in my family).

I did a course of Accutane, which help tremendously, but I did develop some stomach issues (my doctor has now attributed it to the Accutane, but luckily it has regressed and I don't have any symptoms of bowel diseases, which Accutane has sometimes been suspected of causing.

Yet, before I got the final results a friend of mine suggested I try a gluten-free diet. I did for nearly a week - surely not enough to rule anything out, but in the meantime I got my test results back. Since they were negative, I abandoned by diet and celebrated with a couple of beers. Next day I got a terrible skin rash on my face - it isn't visible, but I cannot help thinking that it might be related to the sudden influx of gluten that came with the beers.

Is it common to have a reaction like this after going gluten-free - even for a week - and would people who are not sensitive to gluten have a similar reaction after refraining from eating it for a while? I


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Without knowing what you were tested for exactly and how you were tested, a negative isn't necessarily a negative. I'd think if you began to notice even slight changes after being gluten-free, re-introducing it could certainly cause reactions. I had nearly all my symptoms disappear within the first week so there's no reason to think you couldn't feel those symptoms after the same period and then changing back to gluten.

I'd suggest going gluten-free for a longer period of time if you believe you saw improvement while gluten-free. Worst case, you will eat food without gluten without harming your body at all.


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I have tiny red specks that appear in my legs almost immideatly after having gluten (signals that Im about to be sick). They disappear when Im gluten free. So its totally possible.


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I get the same type of rash if I eat gluten. Looks kinda like blisters/acne... if I go gluten free then it slowly starts to go away


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    • Well, I would strongly recommend seeing a doctor (maybe an endo if your PCP is not thyroid savvy, but I have always used my PCP).   Are you sure you had the hypo-related thyroid antibodies tests (3 of them)?     It looks like you are hypothyroid.  You probably need thyroid replacement, but I am not a doctor!    Thyroid replacement will help you feel better.  My TSH is best at around a 1.  Anything over a 5 and I am wearing flannel PJ's and napping.  Ask for a physical examination for your thyroid to check for nodules and enlargement too.  You can be hypo, but not have Hashi's.  Get that endo appointment, if you can.    
    • On a gluten-free diet, my low iron resolved within months with supplementation.    I would ask your doctor to re-check your ferritin levels and antibodies at the three month mark since you can not judge by symptoms.  I would also ask for a bone scan.  I fractured two vertebrae doing NOTHING two months into my celiac disease diagnosis.  Found out I had osteoporosis.   I would think that if you were dairy intolerant, you would experience all the classic symptoms of gas, bloating, etc.  If you are not, I would not worry about dairy.  Not all celiacs are dairy intolerant.   Go eat some cheese!   Follow-up testing recommendations: http://www.cureceliacdisease.org/faq/how-often-should-follow-up-testing-occur/
    • Elk is gluten free like all unprocessed meat.  Okay, everyone said that, but extra validation never hurt.    You should ask who butchered it though.    Lots of my family members hunt (yes, they work and are dedicated to the National/Federal Parks and Land, but culling herds is a necessity in time of drought and over population).  Their butcher is local and does not use gluten in their seasonings (e.g. Sausage).  So ask to be safe.  
    • Studies have shown that saturated fats are not unhealthy and are an important part of our diet for hormonal health, don't avoid fats only because they are saturated because they are safe and usually healthy.
    • Thx so much Cycling lady, I appreciate your feedback!. My issue is that I don't have GI issues, just weight loss and low iron. I understand low iron takes ages to fix (I'm on prescription iron) What do you mean each person has to determine what is safe or not. How can I tell? I drank the beer initially and no symptoms but I'm sure my Villi are suffering if this beer isn't good for me. I have stopped drinking it, but concerned about other things. This is one tough disease. People ask me if I'm dairy intolerant, how do I know? I'm worrying about what I don"t know.  
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