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  1. Well said, Ennis. The sad reality is more money can be made selling wheat with reduced gliadin to hipsters and celiac patients with no willpower, than can be made from fixing broken humans. If this frankenwheat kills us slowly, they dont give a crap.
  2. No way would I try this. WHy are scientists so intent on pushing wheat onto people whom wheat makes unwell!
  3. Why is there a push to downplay the dangers of gluten to celiacs. Whisky? Drink it. Gluten reduced flour? Eat it, or you are overreacting. Its not ok, and potentially a dangerous thing to promote.
  4. Pistachio and cashew are out. I bought both, tried them 3 days apart. Awful dia and stomach pain/gas. Tingly mouth feel, a few hives, but not terrible. It was too bad to continue to eat. Almonds were worse. I guess coconut might be the same. Dried fruit started doing the same damn thing to me. I got reduced lean sirloin. It.seemed to be ok. Trouble is, I cant always set up to cook. Chicken, same thing. Eggs are still ok, minus yolk. The yolk sets off pain. I kinda try.to tolerate it, as I hate wasted food. Some one was happy, I gave away all the nuts and dried fruit, but you cant go offering people yolks. Ild enjoy chips, cake, muffins. There is no way I can manage the gluten-free versions of anything. I tried. It was ugly. Its the days when I cant cook which get hungry. Ready cooked gluten-free sliced meats are ok, if expensive and prob horrible for me. I dont seem to manage any chocolate or candy. Not even ocho bars. I get bad dia and pain. Mouth tingle isnt too bad, but stomach says no. I feel so sick if I try, I literallt vomit.
  5. Fish seems to set off hives. I'll try it again when im feeling more well. Pea milk! Does it taste ok? I did wonder about pea chips, but there is so many ingredients and sodium in them. Ive got some dietz and watson swiss sausage, which needs no refrigeration, not dared to try it yet. Its that kinda stuff. No refrigeration or cooking needed that would help. Too much fruit causes pain.
  6. I live on boiled or steamed veg pieces, olive oil. I cant afford meat often. Butter gives me indigestion, but I sometimes eat it for calories. My diet is appalling. If I cant cook one day, I get dietz and watson prepacked deli meat and some mature cheese, plus a pear. Easy to eat, can just open and go. I dont eat much potato, but well boiled a few hunks are still ok. Avocados are out, sadly. Baked sweet potatos in the campfire work. Its the days when I won't have camping which are hard. There is nothing I can eat from fast food joints. Terra chips are too.salty. Popcorn was a huge no no. Jerky is expensive if I buy it and cant eat all of it due to a reaction Im very depressed. Thank you for the suggestions, ennis. The yeast sounds like flavor! Ill try it. Ive seen it around.
  7. What can I make, on a camping burner, thats made from veg (minus tomato and onion),'and is portable, and doesnt need a utensil to eat? I cant think of anything. Ive one pan and a small skillet. Something I can make and nibble on. Any ideas?
  8. I cant afford more medical treatment. I struggled to pay.for allergy tests. I suspect ive developed a mast cell issue. Sunbutter is a good idea, ill try that if its cheap. I never see enjoy life, but I'll look for it. I cant order online as im currently living in my vehicle/camping.
  9. Diagnosed by allergist. The celiac is under control. Im struggling with allergies. I was hoping for safe suggestions of easy to open food, that needs no prep. Chips, candy, snacks. I cant always be home to steam veg, or haul a cooler.
  10. Ive been so sick! I was diagnosed with a latex allergy on top of the celiac disease. I also have to steer clear of peanuts, almonds, pistachio, cashews. I used to be able to tolerate dried cranberries. My mouth started tingling. Basically, im hungry. No nut butters, nuts, dried cranberries. I live on veg, a little egg, pork and fruit. I can manage hard cheese in small amounts. A little butter. Certified olive oil. Can anyone think of a 5ppm gluten snack thats easy to take along, needs no refrigerator, can go in my purse. Im scared of starving at this point. The allergies are worse than the celiac!
  11. Sorry for worrying people! The reaction had really taken off. Steroids et cetera later, im much improved, but feeling pretty awful. Ive got to wait for the results of the blood tests, but latex allergy seems like the most probablr culprit. ..cyclinglady, forgive me for being unclear, im feeling so unwell.I have celiac disease, with dh, diagnosed 2, years ago. This was eventually controlled by the fasano diet. Over the last few months ive got swollen eyes. Sores in my mouth, no dh in the usual places any more than usual. The allergies only seemed to develop after the fasano diet and my celiac improving! Im steering clclear of eggs and latex foods until get test results through. Thank you for your help everyone. Im hungry and unwell snd miserable but at least not so puffy!
  12. Im going to go get medical help. Im wheezing, and my tongue is swelling. After being diagnosed with celiac, then biopsy confirmed dh, I thought a bit of self discipline and a whole foods diet would be the end of it. Im devastated. I'll check back after the ER. Thank you all!
  13. BilliB

    Balsamic Vinegar

    Stash or republic of tea are gluten free. Ive always reacted badly to bigelows. The trace gluten in balsamic vinegar would be very low. Ive other issues which mean I cant use it. Ild question cross contamination of ingredients. Someone not washing hands, and touching the bottle with gluteney fingers. Pots, pans, utensils, condiment s with cross contaminatin, but its unlikey the vinegar would gluten you unless you are hyper sensitivd. Say the wine used was In wheat sealed barrels. I can manage braggs apple cider vinegar in small quantities. Coconut vinegar is nice too.
  14. BilliB

    UC Flare MAJOR

    I dont think you have to throw away the blender. I would suspect the chocolate more than anything else. I have similar reactions to even the enjoy life choc. I do hope you feel better soon. Perhaps a whole foods only diet for a while might help? ..oh and yes to cbd. It really helps me too. Have you considered medical marijuana if you are in a legal state?
  15. Squirming, thank you for your reply. Whilst its good to know im not the only one suffering, I feel so sad for you to have to cope with this too. I woke up today with a blistered mouth and very sore swollen eyes and lips. I feel horrible. I did allow myself a cup of tea with milk (stash irish breakfast) and sugar in the raw that been previously safe. I also ate potato, eggs, butter and cheese. No banana. I have to eat something. Ive lost too much weight, am constantly hungry. I dont enjoy food at all. Right not I just want the blisters and swollen eyes to go away! I do wonder if you are correct and its latex allergy, squirming. I ate two potatos yesterday.