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  1. karla a winston

    Sick after decorating

    Oh, another thought. Please clean the filters on your HVAC system. That dust will just keep on coming. Hopefully, while you are working, you can turn the airflow off. In health, Karla
  2. Hi Saracat: You are so not alone. I can only speak for myself, but what I have found out is that when ones intestines are so broken they can't absorb much of anything, minerals are among the first that just slide right through the GI track...
  3. karla a winston

    Headaches Are a Common Feature of Celiac Disease

    Hi Friends: This is only my second posting on this site so I hope I can help as much as I benefit from your posts. This article that addresses headaches is a good start. I for one am still experiencing headaches from intracranial pressure...
  4. karla a winston

    Sick after decorating

    I believe even some prepasted wallpaper ( i hung wp for 20 years) has some gluten in it. And by the way, don't lick envelopes, as even they are not gluten-free. I had DH after going gluten-free for years, but then realized my Cyrex Labs...
  5. karla a winston

    Accidentally glutened myself, no symptoms??

    Please keep studying and learning the difference between celiac disease, gluten or gliadin intolerance, and sensitivity. They have different reactive times. I was ill all of my life but did not know it till I was 55. Then wheat hit the...