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  1. Now my question is, is there a website or post somewhere like a list that lists most of the Salicylate free foods you can have? I'm using myself as a guinea pig right now and I think, I'm on to something. No insurance for doctors, but want to try this diet as an exclusion diet and see what happens. Thanks for all the info!
  2. I've been doing research on fibromyalgia lately and I'm still in the middle of reading the book "What your doctor may not tell you about fibromyalgia" and I've been really surprised how much it mentions most of the problems mentioned here as symptoms of the fibro . It says that the vulvodynia can be one symptom of the fibro and tons of women have both. So is incredible fatigue, nerve problems, and other stuff that has been mentioned here. I think, it never hurts to read related books about whatever we are suffering from. At worst it gives us a broader horizon about what's going on and at best it helps us to "heal" ourselves. By the way, I have unreal pain with intercourse, too, and my guess is I suffer from vv as well, together with the incredible fatigue, numb lims and nerve problems and the celiac.
  3. Ooops I have to put up a correction. I have not read the book "What your doctor may not tell you about fibromyalgia fatigue". I did read the other book by the same authors "What your doctor may not tell you about fibromyalgia". Now in the book I've read and which is a pretty old version, Dr. Amand talks a lot about fibromyalgia AND fatigue and because it is from the very same authors maybe it's just an older version of the above mentioned book and they changed the title a little, who knows. But even if it is, because it is from the very same authors I still don't think, they promote the gluten free diet, unless they came to a new discovery with the new book. That could also be possible. I guess, I have to read the new version as well .
  4. 3 days ago I came across the book "What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Fibromyalgia: The Revolutionary Treatment That Can Reverse The Disease" by R. Paul St. Amand and Claudia Craig Marek . I'm not so sure, that the symptoms that I had are the ones of gluten ataxia, because while reading the book I learnt that numbness and tingling of limbs can be a symptom of fibro, too. Also can joint pain be, that gets worse, whenever somebody touches you. That's the one I had in the hip. It also says that fibro can come with hypoglycemy in 40% of the cases. I've had hypoglycemy all my life. I'm also suffering from severe fatigue. So now I'm wondering of course, if it couldn't be fibro with heavy fatigue and glycemy. Dr. Amand states, that the fibro can be reversed and even cured with several diet restrictions and guaifenesin. So now I already started on the diet that he promotes minus the gluten of course and the entire day yesterday has been soooo much better . I haven't even done the entire afternoon nap with my son like I usually do. I woke up earlier, the same this morning and I slept almost the entire night through, except of a bout, where my son kicked me in the face . I'm only halfway through that book, but I'm seeing an improvement with that diet already, at least on the fatigue, even though my foot is still numb and I can't stretch proberly. However after everthing I've read so far I will definitely look into this. He claims, that the fibro is treatable AND curable with guaifenesin, which has absolutely no side effects. And that guaifenesin has to be prescribed, except of the 200mg version. So (I studied medicine, so I'm not scared to try this) I will try this on myself together with the diet, that he explains (except of the gluten) and will see, what happens one or 2 months from now. So far I've been absolutely sugar free and on a low carb diet. This is not all carbs, just the carbs, that he recommends to cut out, which is quite a lot. Whatever happens, I will definitely keep everybody updated. I think, I'm on to something.
  5. I'm on a solution search for my recent what I believed at first was a glutening with then following numbness of my left foot and incredible pain in my left hip, that seemed to get worse, whenever somebody touched me. 3 days ago I came across the above mentioned book "What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Fibromyalgia Fatigue: The Powerful Program That Helps You Boost Your Energy and Reclaim Your Life" by R. Paul St. Amand and Claudia Craig Marek . I've been reading like a nut ever since and I'm more than half way through . It's a great advice book on how to heal, or even cure, the fibro and the often with it coming hypoglycemy, but it does not support the gluten free diet, just a heads up.
  6. Hi everybody, I just found this article on glutenfreely. Just wanted to post it here, cause I think, it's awesome. There's a dedicated gluten free deli starting today at ACME supermarkets. They are around Philly and I don't know where else. I've looked at Harrisburg and surroundings and couldn't find any , but at least Philly won't have this "deli insecurity" anymore. Here's the link: http://glutenfreeworks.com/blog/2011/06/15/dietz-watson-and-acme-partner-in-first-ever-dedicated-gluten-free-deli/ If any of the Philly peeps goes there, please let us know about your experience... good or bad. We want to know! Thanks, Stef
  7. That is so true. I just noticed that the other day, when I was looking for gluten free products to write a story about. The times they are a-changing, I guess. I can't wait what other yummie stuff will be out there.
  8. I have a question and hope to find somebody, who knows. I have about 15 packages of Wildfruit fruit snacks at home and was wondering, if they are gluten free. I couldn't find a webpage that gave me more information and I had no reaction after eating them, so I was wondering, if somebody else made any experiences with these or knows more. Thanks for answering!
  9. Oh, and here's another quick update on the Giant in Carlisle. The glutenfree food is not in isle #9 anymore. They had major construction and reassembling. NOW the glutenfree food is when you enter through the right entrance. It is right there in that first isle you look on. The frozen stuff is, when you walk back the isle on the left side of that glutenfree shelf, that you saw, when you came in. There's first the organic stuff on the left side and then there is a frozen section with glutenfree breads and stuff right at the beginning. They do have glutenfree Udi's bread there, which is delicious, even untoasted. I've never had that with any other glutenfree bread before. Please, check it out, you won't be disappointed.
  10. Didn't read all the posts in this thread, but I have to say without a doubt, that for me the best bread would be Udi's. Why? Because it tasts super great, even when not toasted.
  11. OK now. I did not go to the emergency room. But I wanted to let everybody know, what I've found out. I've done some research now on this board and on other places and came to the conclusion, that this must be gluten ataxia with some kind of arthralgia (or whatever you call it). Because of the numbness/tingling of my foot and the twitching in my leg. I also had something that might have been cramps, but it was much more severe. Almost like a seizure. Weird! I did not have pain in my belly, I could just move around something that felt like a "liquid", which I could before... 7 years ago, when I wasn't diagnosed with celiac yet. And during THOSE years I also had severe balance problems and was running into things, typical for the ataxia. Now my question is, does this numbness go away? It's driving me crazy. I'm usually 100% glutenfree, I just had this little slip up. Oh, and I have been totally glutenfree since July 2004, so I was wondering, if I might have some hope on this getting better. Thanks for all the info, Stef
  12. I even sometimes use the FlyLady ideas for my kids classes. Like FlyLady teaches them to put their toys away and setting a timer and making it into a game. I let my student race each other by putting the matts away. The winner gets a price in form of a foam jewel, that they can trade in for other goodies once the time to trade it in comes. The more foam jewels you can trade in for good behavior and doing your stuff, the bigger the "price". If you have older kids, that receive pocket money already, you can play the money game. Boy, your kids will be so clean you can eat off the floor. I'll promise .
  13. To Karen: They do have a great section for Kids in the FlyLady program. I'm getting their e-mails. I chose for daily delivery and every few days there is an e-mail for "The kids challenge". When I'm bored I read into them. Sometimes they have great motivators and "games" to get the room cleaned. It's pretty cool. The last thing I remember, that I read was, that the "mission" the kiddos got was to "wade" through their socks bin and give the ripped or worn socks to mom and dad to throw out (or inspect). And another one was "set timer for 15 minutes, get a bin and throw all battery operated toys that work no longer in and give it to mom". Another one was the PUPA game (pick up put away) and yet another one was "grab 5 things you don't want anymore in 10 minutes and sell or give away to another child, who wants it (with mom/dad's help). Little stuff like that does get the job done little by litte. And what they do, you don't have to do. I found it very neat. My son turs 4 in August and once he begins to understand I will definitely let him do that. Right now he helps me with putting away laundry, doing the dishes (I took out the knives beforehand of course), vacuum cleaning, doing the floors, cleaning the windows. Throwing out his own diapers. He is setting his own table in the morning and cleaning it off after he's done and helps me bring out the trash. He stirs up ingredients for me also, when I cook. He's very independent already and sometimes even gets a fit, if I don't let him do it. I set it up as games. Of course it takes a little longer, but it's more fun that way and he learns something for life. My intention is to raise him in typical FlyLady manner. Men need to help nowadays, too. So far it worked.
  14. Thanks for your answer. The thing is, every once in a while it becomes better, like now. It's not completely gone, but it's a lot better, now that I've been walking around and preparing dinner. Strange! Just wanted to know, if anybody on here had this before, cause I know, I never did and it is very unusual for me to have this.
  15. Aaaauaaa! I'm in terrible pain today. I think, something that I ate might have had gluten in it, which is strange as I've had everything before with no reaction. Even the nonpareils, that don't even have a lable. Just wanted to know, if somebody else has had this kind of pain before and if yes, what it is. I'm guessing nerves here, but not sure. It's kinda like at my left hip joint and radiating into the back of my buttom. Also down on my left foot there is a numb sensation going kinda on the bottom of the foot on the outside edge with the pinky toe being numb all the way back to the heal. I had sciatic nerve pain before, which seems to be different from this one. This one is NOT radiating down my leg. However I did have terrible muscle twitching in the bottom of the bottom of my left leg, in my left calve, and the left hamstring, while I was napping with Lukas. Oh, and another thing. Whenever I press down on my belly on the left side, it seems to be getting better a little and then coming back. I can also move "juices" around in my belly by massaging it away and the pain differs then. That seems to be celiac related, cause I could do that in the past with my migraines, before going glutenfree. If it is, then it might just go away, when whatever I ate comes back out. But if it isn't, I don't know, what to do. It might be a pinched nerve, but I only have basic health insurance from the Welfare Office. That one's never gonna pay for a chiropractor. Only for basic health checks AND emergency room stuff. Assuming I'd go to the emergency room later, could they put a pinched nerve back in? Or would they just give me pain medication and send me to the chiropractor? Just curious. I'm dying over here. Don't know, how to walk, stand, sit or lay down. If the devil would offer me a pain free life at this moment, I'd sign my life away. Aaaah!
  16. You have to go to the chat before you read anything else. The games can really draw you in. Here's the link: http://host71120.123flashchat.com/flyady/ Glad I could help. If you see a LoyalSteffi, that's me. Oh, and you need to sign in as a guest. Everybody does. Just check the guest box and pick a name and then go in. It'll be alright. If you introduce yourself and admit that you can't get started or pro-crastinate and if somebody can explain to you what to do first, they'll fill you in. It's a "working" chat. There's always somebody there.
  17. Somebody mentioned the FlyLady. Honestly, I've been doing the FlyLady thing since about a year now and I've pretty much brought my household under control. I used to be the biggest procrastinator and slob. FlyLady turned my life around literally. I also sat in front of the computer a lot and couldn't get motivated. Give it a shot, it's an awesome community, too, just like here. They also have a forum, and a chat, where the FlyBabies (like the FlyLady followers call themselves) play exciting cleaning and de-clutter games, which hugely so motivate, I have to say. If you don't try it, it's your own fault, that you never get done anything Oh, and I wouldn't say, that it's not connected to celiac. There seems to be a hightened number of ADD/ADHD sufferers in the celiac community also, because gluten messes up the brain. And most of the FlyLady stuff is being based on helping slobs, procrastinators, etc., which are mainly people with ADD/ADHD. So the FlyLady might just be able to help celiacs and gluten intolerant people. In fact, I have met about 10 celiacs or relatives of celiacs on the chat in the past already. So it might just be connected in some way.
  18. Oooo, fun post. 1: Nutella (yes, with a spoon ) 2: Snickers 3: Watermelons 4: Apples with sugar and cinnamon 5: Muddy Buddies (the recipe is on the Chex cereal boxes) 6: Nonpareils 7: Mickey Mouse cheese 8: Tortilla chips 9: Yoplait Yoghurt 10: Sour patch (not sure, if this is entirely glutenfree though, I tend to get a slight headache on these so I eat them rarely)
  19. Don't know, if this answer comes a little late. Just wanted to add part of my story. I had migraines for 7 years every single day. After going glutenfree on 07/21/2004 it took about a week and I've been migraine free every since. Now I haven't had one single migraine in almost 7 years. Just a slight to middle headache, whenever I get glutened, which is rare.
  20. I just realized to my shame, that I haven't been here in ages. I also lost my job roughly a month ago and have been looking for a new job ever since. Now my new job, starting today, caused me to stop by here, since I can need all help in the world from the celiac community in and around Harrisburg. My new job is news author for gluten free for Harrisburg at examiner.com . Now here's my problem. Even though I can write an article every 3 days for them like they require, I do not have the money to check out each and every restaurant. I mean, who has? And on top of this the job is not a full time job. It is on an independent contractor basis. So I'm still scrambling along with food stamps here and was wondering, if some of my glutenfree friends on here were willing to let me know their glutenfree experiences, which I could then post on my news page? After all, it's publicity for us and what else can we ask for? Please, let me know, who would like me to write about their experience in a Harrisburg or surroundings restaurant.
  21. I haven't been here in a while, but I'm gonna chime right in. I have experienced the same problem and thought, I was alone with this. Now why is that?
  22. I get real bad sciatica every time I'm glutened and when I'm glutened only. I thought this was really weird, until I saw this post. Apparently not. I feel a lot better now, knowing that apparently I'm not the only one. Oh, and I can crack my own back and fix it with that. And same as julie, the MRI didn't show anything. And I have a very strong back, too, because of being a professional martial artist. But with this I've found, it's not the back you have to strengthen, it's the belly . Whenever my belly was really good toned (I'm talking like 6-pack style... and yes, I'm a woman, lol), I was less prone to getting it.
  23. I'm thinking, there must have been something in it, cause I just napped for an hour and the headache is getting worse. It's so bad now, that I don't even have any power to research anything. Going to bed again. Hoping for the best.
  24. Hi there, I'm panicking right now. I have a slight headache, that started after eating Beef Stew from Southgate. It didn't say it had any wheat, rye, oats, or barley on the label, but that's the only thing I ate and I know for sure, that I'm not dehydrated. I was fine yesterday evening. Please, if anybody knows anything about the Beef Stew from Southgate having any gluten, let me know. I'm panicking here, because I know, it will get way worse in a few hours, if it had gluten, and I'm getting my little son back tonight for the first time in like 10 days. And I want to be fit for this. Cry!
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