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    I love playing volleyball, watching BAMA Football, reading anything I can get my hands on, writing (I'm an aspiring author!), taking care of kids (Elementary Ed. Major), and anything and everything orange!
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  1. I attempted to cook some gluten-free noodles in the microwave today because I REALLY wanted some alfredo.  Well the noodles got all goopy and had white creamy stuff all over them and tasted pretty nasty.  I wasted like half the package :(


    I got a microwavable container and added my noodles and water and them stuck them in the microwave for 10 minutes, stirring every 2 minutes.  What did I do wrong? Or do I just have to cook these noodles on a stove top?


    I live in a dorm and we do have a stove, but all the pots are missing so I thought I'd try this.  Anybody have any ideas?

  2. Yes. Most people mention that they can't go into bakeries that make gluten products because of the dust in the air, and I've walked out of a restaurant where I was seated too close to their prep area for making pizza. I have been glutened from cleaning an area where wheat-based kitty litter had previously been used, though without gastro symptoms, just sinuses and all of the anger/headache/brain fog after.

    Learning all of this makes me terrified of the world! Goodness :(  I guess I will just have to watch out for that.  

  3. I meant to post this topic ages ago when I was on vacation, but it totally slipped my mind until just now.


    When I was going through my lovely glutening experience earlier this month I started to notice that my throat would feel kind of itchy immediately after eating something that contained gluten.  When I was on vacation I was extremely good at staying away from gluten, but I ended up getting contaminated by some Annie's cheddar bunnies that I thought were gluten free (even though it says ORGANIC WHEAT in big letters on the box *face palm*).  Immediately after eating the handful of bunnies, my throat seemed irritated and itchy.  I've never noticed that before.  


    Anyone else have new symptoms just randomly pop up??

  4. Hey everyone! For those I upset, I apologize. I was just diagnosed this summer and am still coming to terms with the fact that I cannot eat these things because it actually causes damage. Originally I was deemed gluten intolerant and was told that while gluten makes me feel rotten, it wasn't causing any permanent damage. So when things came up (like that delicious mac-n-cheese) and I was craving it badly there were times that I'd just deal with the headache and stomach issues. I cannot choose to do that now and it is difficult for me. Especially as a very recent adult who is used to relying on her parents for food (and whose parents still expect her to rely on them). I have been doing better. In fact, I was on a roll there for a little while on eating fruits and veggies and turkey/chicken and avoiding all gluten. I was glutened yesterday slightly however (completely on accident) because my mom bought me some Annie's gluten free snicker doodle bunnies and some cheddar ones. Except the cheddar ones weren't gluten free and I had already had a nice handful of them. That was last night and I seem to be okay...I may have slept off my normal symptoms. Fingers crossed.

    Anyway, I am doing much better. I understand some of yalls frustration. Just please keep in mind that I am young and I am new to this.

    Thanks for the help and support everyone!

  5. I gained a lot of weight when I went gluten-free too.  I realized that I was basically pigging out on the things I COULD have because well... they felt like a delicacy.  I realized I was consuming a TON of calories a day and most of them consisted of things that were crap for my body.  So I stopped pigging out and am keeping track of my calories now and making sure I eat my fruits and veggies daily.  And lots of water! That's really important!


    Also (and I'm not sure if this is really true or not), I read online and my doctor also told me that when you are an undiagnosed Celiac for so long, you are obviously malnourished and so when you stop eating those things and allow your body to start absorbing what it needs, it kind of goes crazy for a while.  Again, don't know if it's true, but it did make sense for my weight gain.  


    My body has since then gotten pretty much back on track and I've lost half of what I gained now.  Good luck!:)

  6. But I have all the symptoms of celiac, I feel bad when eating gluten product and I get some other intolerance but they dont affect me as incredible as gluten, I also felt all that better feeling rush from cutting gluten and now its up and down. I've cut all grains and it got worse from there, when I was eating rice, rice noodle , honey, corn bread, corn cereal, going all out on nightshade, i was WAY better, mind you, I was crappy as hell, but comparing it to now...crappy is not enough of a meaningful word.


    I had no reaction to those food NONE AT ALL but I cut them because everyone told me how fad my diet was so I added a ton of veggies, BOOM bloated,fatigue, can't digest crap and breathing got worse. I could do coffee fine on my gluten-free corn,bread,rice no veggie diet.


    I was happy when I learned It could be gluten, because back when I learned it, I could do everything I mentioned so I thought it would only improve fast, everything went downhill after I cut Gluten.

    Veggies make me bloat like crazy.  I learned that I can't eat them raw at all.  Baking my veggies usually helps with the bloating and washing them down with some juice.  Like you, I also changed my diet because people told me how unhealthy it was and then started to feel worse.  Try "drinking" your veggies instead.  It's easier on the system.

  7. This is embarrassing, but I've looked all over google and have come up empty handed so I figured I'd throw this out there and see if anyone has any insight to my issue.


    First off, if you read my other post not that long ago you will know that I was hardcore constipated last weekend.  It was awful and I'm glad it is behind me.  However, I'm not quite back to normal.  I am still drinking prune juice and taking Miralax on occasion because things seem to be pretty slow still.  I'm talking about slow for ME.  I usually go after every meal.  I know that once a day is totally okay, but I feel sluggish and bloated if that happens.


    Today I noticed that my stool is lighter than normal.  You should keep in mind that my stool is usually never "brown" because it moves fairly swiftly through my body and thus it is usually a greenish shade.  This is still greenish brown, but much lighter than I'm used to.  I looked up lighter stool and it came back with liver and gallbladder issues, but I don't have any of the other symptoms.  It is also very loose, but that is normal for me.


    And then the weirdest thing that happened today was that my stool smells like...blueberries.  It smells extremely sweet.  I looked that up too and couldn't find much.  Since there wasn't anything that basically said I was dying, I'm guessing I am okay, but what in the world causes sweet smelling stool????  Note: this was also my first major BM since last week before I was constipated.  Could that have anything to do with it?


    I have been drinking prune juice (4oz) and had some grape juice (8oz) today.  I had Chex vanilla cereal this morning with milk, Annie's gluten free mac-n-cheese for lunch, and leftover mac-n-cheese with green beans and carrots for dinner.


    I also saw on one site that the sweet smell could be from a lactose issue, but couldn't find anything to back that up.


    Does anyone have any experience with this?  Should I go to the doctor?  I leave for TN this weekend so I wouldn't be able to see my doctor until over a week from now.

  8. That is going to sound very harsh but no you have not been, you have been limiting it a lot.


    gluten-free would mean you get certified gluten-free oats not regular ones and even Quaker mention it may contain wheat.

    I was diagnosed with Celiac this summer.  Having to buy only "certified" foods is new to me because last year when I started avoiding gluten, I could still eat some things and be fine.  I am learning as my symptoms intensify what I can and cannot handle.

  9. If it hurts to sit you probably have hard stool blocking everything else, it's just going to sit there and get worse, no amount of fluid and fibre is going to help. Get some Miralax, some versions are called laxaday. The actual ingredient in PEG 3550. Just ask the pharmacist for PEG they will know what it is. Th advice we were given by a gastro for 2 very urged up kids - take a double dose for 3 days, it will soften everything up and get it out, then take a normal dose for a few weeks to give your bowel a rest and a chance to shrink back to normal. As you've only been backed up a few days I'd try a the double dose for 1 day and a single dose for a week. That should solve you initial problem, but like other posters said you need to make sure the things you are eating are gluten free. C was our kids min sign of being glutened.

    With the PEG you can't really overdose, if it turns to liquid poop, just lower the dose a little. We keep PEG in the house for accidental glutenings, my eldest is just getting over one, she was telling us she couldn't eat because her poop was stuck and food had nowhere to go. No amount of water, prune juice etc helped, the PEG cleared things out and she drank more than a liter of water today and has gone to bed a very happy 4 yr old again.

    I drank prune juice yesterday and today and so far my constipation is now the total opposite.  It still hurts to sit though.  I can't tell if I'm just sore or if there is something still causing a blockage.  Do you know if it would be bad to take Miralax if it turns out I'm just sore?  I think I'd rather be safe than sorry, but I don't want to cause any more issues.

  10. It frankly doesn't matter if it bothered you before or not. Oatmeal that is not certified gluten free is not gluten free. You can either take your disease seriously, or not. We just got done with this discussion a week and a half ago. If you want your parents to take your disease seriously, you need to. Stop. Eating. Gluten. That means no oatmeal that isn't gluten free. No grits that aren't gluten free. No fried chicken dinners. No crumbs, no just a little, no skimping, cheating or getting by. Until you care, your parents won't. And why should they?

    I just thought that since the ingredients on the box didn't list any gluten, that it was okay.  I'll be sure to only get certified gluten-free things from now on.

  11. No you shouldn't eat gluten under no circumstance, before I knew about my gluten intolerance I was actually worried of my constipation which was the first signs of gluten intolerance then what happened next is I ate ramens because in the past they really helped me flush the stuff out. So I went and ate them, 2 pack and nothing came out, so i tried it again the next day and still nothing. So I did what you did and went with prune jucce, drank a full liter and was bloated and got diarrhea and only got water out.


    I suggest trying to cut oatmeal at least until you don't get constipated and btw make sure it is gluten free oatmeal, as regular one may and surely will have been in touch with wheat(gluten).,


    Coffee works very well and CASTOR OIL this will work wonder, this is coming from someone who took 4 pills of senna only to get barely anything out, See if you can find one at a organic place and drink 2 tablespoon you will get it out but it won't feel bad , takes 4-10hours.

    Thank you for your reply!:) 

    I had some pears, a few carrots, and a little bit of turkey for dinner and all seems well thus far.  I was worried to eat anything more substantial in case I am still clogged.


    I decided to take everyone's advice and avoid gluten.  I plan on drinking some more prune juice in the morning since it is working to clean me out.  I am unsure if there is anything left though.

    I am extremely sore from going to the bathroom all day and trying all of yesterday, so I don't know if what I am feeling is just my body aching or if I need to find something else to help with whatever is left.


    I will look into castor oil tomorrow if nothing changes or I start to feel all nasty and "full" again.

  12. A  few questions/suggestions:


    (1) No more take out from Chick-fil-a --because take out from fast food places is not "real food". 


    (2) Is the oatmeal certified gluten-free?


    (3) Do you eat any leafy green veggies?



    (4)  do you take probiotics?


    (5) are the grits also Certified gluten-free?


    (6) cheese binds you up when the gut is impaired from celiac (at first)


    (7) how long have you been diagnosed and gluten-free?

    1. Check. No more fast food

    2. The oatmeal is not certified gluten free, but has never been a problem for me in the past.  I have eaten Quakers oatmeal for a very long time with no issues

    3. I tend to avoid green leafy veggies because they make me bloat a TON and slows my digestive track, making me uncomfortable

    4. I do not take probiotics, but have been researching into them a lot recently and plan to start tacking them soon

    5. The grits are also not certified, but again have never caused me issues in the past

    6. I know cheese binds up the digestive track.  Sadly... I really love cheese.

    7. I have been gluten free since around February of last year (2012)

  13. I am constipated and have been for 2 days. I went out earlier today and bought myself some prune juice and drank a full glass of it. I am now suffering from diarrhea...if you can even call it that. It's basically water.

    However, I can still feel that I am not totally empty when I try to go or when I sit down.

    My parents suggested that I eat a few frosted mini wheats because they have been known to totally get my digestive system moving in the past.

    Should I give it a shot? Or should I try something else?

  14. From my experience, prune juice is crap, it only gives you the illusion that you getting it out but most of it is just prune juice itself. Yesterday I tried something new that isnt usually recommended and it worked wonder, 2 tablespoon of organic castor oil. It was a good one but apparently some can have bad stuff in them, not to sure about that. Also probiotics help, so if you aren't lactose intolerant, get yourself a good yogurt.


    Would be nice if you told us a list of what you have been eating recently as well.


    Oh and COFFEE, that is also one thing that stimulate your system.

    Oh! Here's a list of the past 3 days


       Breakfast: oatmeal with honey

       Lunch: Kids 6 piece grilled chicken meal from Chikfila

       Dinner: I ate half of a hot dog because I was started to feel more discomfort


       Breakfast: oatmeal with honey again

       Lunch: burger patty

       Dinner: .....cheese grits (the culprit I believe)


       Breakfast: oatmeal with honey again

       Lunch: fish and some fries

       Dinner: burger patty


    Overall, obviously I need more vegetables and fruit.  I know I do.  In my defense, while I know I need more of those things, this has never ever been a problem before.  Everything just passes right through me.  I drink loads of water.  Like 7-8 glasses a day, sometimes more.  

  15. To start, this is my first time ever being constipated.  95% of the time my bowel movements occur multiple times a day (usually after every meal and when I initially wake up), so when I only had 1 the other day, I started to panic.


    I am on my second day of being constipated and it is AWFUL.  I am so uncomfortable (sleeping was a pain), sitting makes my butt hurt, and my lower back (like where my cheeks are) is sore.  Now, if other people who suffer from constipation regularly were in my shoes, maybe they wouldn't view it as so bad, but for someone who has never experience this, it's not okay.


    So far I have been able to pass SOME stool, but it has all be soft.  Like the kind that falls apart in the toilet?  That is totally normal for me.  But, I still feel like I need to go.  What do I do?  And why am I constipated, but pooping soft stool?


    Also, when I sit down, it's almost like I can feel whatever is in there.  This is tmi, but it literally feels like it's in my left buttcheek.


    I'm about to run out and get some prune juice and I was thinking about eating some oatmeal.  Good ideas? 


    Does anyone have any better advice?

  16. I'm so sorry you got glutened:( 

    I did tonight too (except mine was on purpose)

    If you remember what your symptoms were before going gluten-free then you should probably just watch out for those.

    Take some Pepto or Tums and just retire for the night.  Hopefully it will pass without too much fuss!

  17. I am in the same position as you! I'm 20 and was diagnosed about a year and a half ago. My parents have come around, but at first my dad got personally offended when I wouldn't "just try" something with gluten in it, and my mom thought I was so rude for not eating food with gluten that she made. I feel your pain. I have been struggling with weight gain too, and I recently went completely insane and went to every single fast food place and ate all the gluten possible for about a week. It has been easier since I moved out of my parents house and buy my own food because bread isn't always staring me in the face. 

    I still have some stomach issues but they have improved A TON after I gave up dairy, which is another added restriction but it was definitely worth it. I lost about 10 pounds and I don't bloat nearly as much any more. Can you go shopping for your own groceries? That would probably help a lot! 

    I cant imagine having no support though :(

    I have found that replacement gluten products are not the best and almost every time they leave me crying over my food and how much I miss the gluten. So I just try to eat dishes that are gluten free to begin with like meat and potatoes, and fruits and vegetables. 


    I tried to take it as an opportunity to get healthier and that really has been a blessing. I eat a ton of fruit which helps with my cravings and it helps with weight loss too. Eating out is a particular challenge that I haven't gotten used to. I was always the girl who never made any trouble for the waitress and now I have to drill them with questions about what I can eat and even then, they think I'm rude or just making a big deal out of nothing. 


    I'm sorry I don't have many suggestions, I just feel the same way and am really struggling with this disease. 

    Hi!:) Thank you for sharing! I'm glad you understand how it feels to be so young and have to deal with all of this.

    I messed up today and ate fried chicken... and gravy... and a teensy bit of mac-n-cheese.  Needless to say I feel pretty bad right now! (that mac-n-cheese might have been worth it though ;)


    Replacement gluten-free foods are often loaded with extra sugar and starch, I've discovered, which isn't helping my weight gain problem.  I've laid off going out and buying that stuff and started sticking to natural fruits and vegetables too.


    I have been considering giving up dairy also! Part of me feels like I need to get this gluten-free thing down though before I embark on that adventure.  We shall see.  I am glad it has worked so well for you!  I am hoping that it will work the same way for me.


    And I totally understand about the going out to eat thing.  People think I'm crazy, but there's a rare few that actually care about my condition and want to help me out.  Those people get really nice tips;)