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    Bloodhound Search And Rescue, skull anthropology, native plant identification and propagation

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Im retired from raising bloodhounds for search and rescue where we provided sar bloodhounds to search and rescue personnel free of charge and sold to the general public for funds.

   I hope to start providing retirement shelter homes for retired search and rescue bloodhounds.

                                                                    d fisher



  1. Dwayne fisher (celiac since 1957). A little known fact is that when someone is going gluten free they will experience withdrawals because gluten releases natural opiates in the body. That is one reason why it is so hard to quit gluten ! ...
  2. Dwayne Fisher (celiac since 1957) THIS IS GREAT NEWS FOR CELIACS. The effects of atorvastatin on gluten-induced intestinal T cell responses in coeliac disease coeliac is the spelling used for celiac in some countries https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1809523/ Various...
  3. Hello, I am Dwayne (celiac since 1957). This happens in some celiac children because of bad (pathogenic) intestinal flora toxins. These pathogenic toxins are acquired sometime even before birth. These pathogenic toxins can effect anywhere in the body, brain, liver, kidneys,lungs,etc...
  4. !!! HEART ATTACK !!! Hyper-Homo-Cysteine, Vitamin B Deficiency Hello, I am Dwayne (celiac since 1957) 61 years old. There is a very serious condition in some celiacs with B vitamins deficiencies. It is called Hyper-Homo-Cysteine a amino acid associated with B vitamins deficiencies...
  5. Hello, I am Dwayne (celiac since 1957) 61 years old. This problem your having sounds similar to heart attack! There is a very serious condition in celiacs with B vitamins deficiencies. It is called Hyper-homo-cysteine a amino acid associated with vitamins B's deficiencies which...
  6. Dwayne (celiac since 1957) The History Of Celiac Disease Time Line And The Celiac Disease Time line Shown Above Are Awesome. The Best I Ever Seen ! d fisher 1953 - Dr. Willem Karel Dicke confirmed wheat protein to be the cause...
  7. Hello, I am Dwayne (celiac syndrome 1957) 61 years old, 150 pounds, 6 foot tall. I recently received four emergency heart stents to releive a 100% heart blockage during a heart attack. I had no idea I had any heart problem or even that I was having a heart attack because I thought it...