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  1. NO ONE says that you can't have celiac one says that you don't have a food allergy or intolerance...but for people on this website that declare they have celiac disease..without being tested..or doing the entrolab ridiculous! Of course you can feel better with out eating wheat...but don't go around telling people that you have celiac when you don't. Or when a doctor saying" don't have celiac.." and then those poor people that want a disease.. say well, maybe my doctor doesn't know what it is..or just doesn't want to diagnose me...or whatever the reason is this is not true. You don't have it. You probably have an intolerence ...that is fine...declare yourself gluten free...but not celiac...
  2. hey Mushroom....what exactly do you eat? I see what you don't eat...what do you eat?
  3. Ok...let's get this straight...if your doctor says that you don't have celiac...then you probably don't have celiac. If you don't have a blood test and an endoscopy..then you don't have celiac. That is the only way that you can tell. You don't take test that you get off the computer...or you don't take the word of your "friend" or you don't read an article in a magazine saying that you have celiac.... That means that you don't have celiac. This in fact it is a serious disease...and there are sooo many people that are diagnosing their selves... because it is is fun to say I have a disease...( and one that is easy to take care of..) . The world has decided to diagnose their selves..and now we are 'all ' celiacs...
  4. Ok...let's get this cannot diagnose yourself with Celiac Disease....this is a serious have to be diagnosed with a doctor...having a blood test and an endoscopy. I understand that you feel sick...but diagnosing yourself will not help. Do not claim to be a celiac... did you actually go to a GI?
  5. Paper Cut! Am I Glutened?

    seriously? NO.... you can not get glutened from a paper cut. I advise you not to read these posts...there are a lot of hysterical people on here...they want to be diagnosed with celiac sooooo badly...I guess they just need a disease...instead of realizing that maybe they shouldn't eat such crap. Stay calm..and carry on...
  6. Can't Stop Binging On Gluten!

    Rachel.....I still cheat on my gluten free diet is ok. It is hard to get over it...also, I don't have the symptoms that other people do when they eat, I eat gluten. I am not proud of myself..but, I do. I have been diagnosed with celiac disease since 2006.
  7. Anyone Ever Cheat On This Diet?

    Hell Ya!! I am honest...I cheat!! I don't like to do it..but sometimes I just do! yes, I get sick...yes, I say I will never do it again...but, I totally understand why people do it!!! I am not proud of myself that I cheat either! I know this post was from this spring...but, I like to read all the posts... Don't feel bad if you have will stop cheating eventually...we are all human. Some of these people on this forum don't even have Celiac!! they want Celiac soooo badly...( which I don't understand ) they have every other symptom....and then you read their profile...and it says..negative bloodwork/biopsy **** know what that means? it means you don't have Celiac!!!! I understand that you feel better when you don't eat gluten...but, don't proclaim yourself Celiac...if you don't have it!!! I totally understand cheating on this diet. I was just diagnosed this fall....I have cheated less and less...I am getting a lot better...and you will too.....
  8. Diagnosed 2 Hours Ago

    THANK YOU ALL ....reading these replys have really made me feel daughter and I were laughing at some of them too!!!! I love the advice that said " give yourself 2 days to stay angry" YES! I love that...but, could I stay mad a little longer? And Reese's is my ultimate favorite candy in the whole world!! so, yes, there is some hope...I guess. I still feel sorry for my self...but I will try not too... thank you. I will keep reading these posts...and get to know you all... Ciglee ( Elizabeth )
  9. Hello was just diagnosed 2 hours ago. Sadness. Terrible sadness. I can't believe I can't eat wheat anymore. I know for all you celiac sprues out are going to tell me there is a better life ahead..but right now..I don't see that. I have been reading these posts for weeks now...and I knew what the diagnosis was going to be...but, I don't want celiac sprue. ( I know, I sound like a child ) So sad. I am not sure if I want to cry or laugh.