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Question For Any Fellow Scd Followers

scd leaky gut

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Posted 18 March 2013 - 11:58 PM

I've been having some crazy success with the diet, but I just have some questions for anyone else that's followed it longer.

This is my main concern:
Before SCD, I have alternating, almost constant, C and D. It was horrible, and it was impossible to predict which days I'd need to stick around a toilet and which ones would render it obsolete. It was one of my many unbearable symptoms.

And it's gone! The (vicious) cycle has been broken, I'm a free man!

But, um... While I feel great (And have lost plenty of weight), I still have C. I'm not sure what's going on. I don't feel bloated, I'm dropping pounds, food is going in, almost nothing is coming out. I maybe have one or two bowel movements a week. It's weird, because I urinate a lot more than before. Is this a cause for concern? I feel great (unless I don't eat enough, then my body hates me because I have a very active job), but it's just... Not coming out. I used to have a serious dehydration issue so I drink water as much as I'm able. I eat what I can, but it consists of high meat content, with fruits and vegetable thrown into the mix. Please help me out, I'd really appreciate it!

Has anyone found any can't-haves NOT outlined in the SCD diet? I Recently found out I have a strange sensitivity to bananas. Also, I have a pre-existing issue with Casein that gives me mind-obliterating migraines after excessive consumption.


Thank you!

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Late 2006- One of many long-term bouts of severe illness, spread from childhood to early adulthood.
2006-2007- Thousands spent on testing.
Summer 2010- Found a possible link to Celiac disease. Despite negative blood results in the past, instantly felt a thousand times better after an elimination diet.
2010-2012- Lost mega pounds, almost 80-90 pounds. (Used to be almost 280!)
2012- Symptoms slowly came back and worsened throughout the year, rarely felt 100% with no explanation.
Winter 2012-13- Constantly ill, lifeless, crabby, dull, came to terms that I will be ill for the rest of my life. (Yet my girlfriend stayed by my side. Truly a keeper.)
Dec 2012- Thousands more spent on testing, again to no avail.
Feb 2013, my 24th birthday- Found SCDLifestyle.com, decided to try the SCD after seeing many of my symptoms (Including some nasty symptoms triggered by soy) mapped out.

One month later- Full of life and energy, down 18 pounds, happy to be wrong about my lifelong illness!

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