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Road To Recovery, How To Heal?

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I know the story is all too familiar for all of you, but I have to tell a little bit of my story here.


I am turning 30 in about a month, and i honestly feel like i have never lived.

I have been told Im crazy more times than I care to remember. I have come to terms with my upbringing, but still have gone to therapy, in an attempt to be less crazy.

I've taken medications that I swore I'd never take. All so I wouldn't be crazy anymore.

I have eaten mac n cheese to comfort me when im feeling sad and chicken noodle soup when I had a cold, but i still felt crappy and that cold always ended up lasting 2 months.

I have spent so much of my life being sick and fatigued, i feel like a new born kid these past 4 months gluten free.

I recently received my blood tests back, they were done after 3 1/2 months gluten free. Here are those results

Many of my symptoms have decreased significantly in the past 4 months. I am still having some issues, but really working on perfecting this gluten free thing. I know i have to and it really feels much better.


What are the best foods to eat to heal ? I like to eat as many raw fruits and veggies as possible during the day. I feel like it makes me feel better, but is it hard to digest? I really just want to make sure I am doing things properly to heal as well as possible. I feel like little cuts and scrapes have been healing quicker than ever, im like super human! Does this go for my gut? How long does it take to heal?


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I just posted on your other thread. Take a look :)


If you can tolerate raw fruits and veggies, eat them. There is no "prescription" or set diet except avoid gluten (and if you have a dairy problem, take that out for a few months and add it back in later. )


It takes anywhere from 6 months- years, depending on many factors: age, severity of the damage, how long you have been sick, how dietary compliant

someone is, etc. .


Don't think in terms of "when will I get there?"  because this is an exercise in patience. It is counter-productive to healing if you are stressing over things. 


Think this way : every day is a healing day.


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    • I've been diagnosed with celiac a few months ago I thought that I had it for a while now it runs in the family.  I found out I had it a few months back when I ate chick fi a sandwich and had to go to the ER because I couldn't stop throwing up. They didn't know what it was and it took a few more months for anyone to take me seriously and find out what's wrong   Anyways I've gone gluten free now and I still have pains whenever I eat ANYTHING. It's cramping and burning and feels like my stomach is on fire.  I also have pains...below which I'm not sure what it is.  I ate a salad today, and now i'm in pain the salad had cheese, onion on it no dressing or any breading... Maybe I should stay away from cheese, I think it may be lactose and can't eat soy.   I ate some gluten free chex the other day with rice milk and ended up in pain.. I don't know maybe it's more than just celiac. I don't know if this is normal for people just going gluten free...maybe there was some hidden gluten in those foods. I don't know.   All i know is that this pain is hurting me and I'm tired. Thanks for reading...this is my first post.
    • I found my gas issues were caused by carbs, and sugars, something about how the bacteria in my gut changed and started making me gassy and extremely bloated when they got a hold of any thing more then a tbsp of grains, beans, fruit, or starch carbs. And no amount of medicine helped. Changed to 1/4 servings of those and mostly protein, fat diet. As for vitamin supplements I found I have to take B vitamin supplements 3 times a day to not go zombie mode. I personally found Liquid Vitamins Energy & Stress and the Nero-logic from them helps along with the occasional 1/2 bottle of 5 hour. As to carbonated water I avoided it when bloated cause it made me feel worse.
    • Butterbean, do go have a read of the dermatitis herpetiformis section.  See if anyone's story sound familiar to what you're experiencing.
    • Hi all. Well, it's been around twenty days since I've been taking Gas-X like meds (with simethicone), but no relief. Maybe I should drink bigger dose... Currently, I'm taking 80 mg four times per day.
      I'm so exhausted, both mentally and physically... Anyway, I have two questions:
      First, is it good or bad to drink mineral/carbonated water if you have severe trapped gas like me?
      Second: Is it possible to regain some physical strength/relieve fatigue with vitamin supplements? Thanks in advance.
    • I have had so many issues with my teeth--I keep getting decay and I have had filling after filling.  This past week, my dentist told me I may need a crown, which is pricey. I also have two missing teeth, which was a genetic thing that runs in my family. I am sick of hygienists telling me I am not doing enough brushing, flossing rinsing.  I do all three religiously (can't even imagine how bad my mouth would be if I didn't...)  Thankfully, last time I had my teeth cleaned, the hygienist said that my mouth was the cleanest one she had seen in years. And, she said, "something happened to your teeth developmentally." I explained how I had undiagnosed celiac disease many years. I am only 31... It is really disheartening.   What do you guys do to afford all this dental care?  My insurance doesn't cover a whole lot.  Thankfully, my dentist has felt bad and gives me discounts here and there.
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