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My husband and I just went through Hurricane Charley and realized that you don't have much choice for gluten-free foods when the lights go out. What are some good healthy things to pack (that don't require refridgeration) for these kinds of emergencies when you don't have electricity. Luckily, we got our electric back by Saturday afternoon, but I bet there is alot of folks out there on the gluten-free diet that's having the same problem.

Let's come up with our own emergency kit to use to keep on hand just incase.

Wife of a Celiac, Jean


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Hi Jean, Thank goodness you guys are oksy. We have been watching the news and.. I don't even need to say anymore. What I would put in an emergency kit is Old Wisconsin makes sausage sticks that are gluten free and are very good and do not need to be refrigerated. I would also have crackers, canned fruit, rice cakes, I love Quakers caramel and chocolate. If you have water I would put some Taste of Thai rice soup bowls. I can't think of anything else right now. I wish all of you luck! :):):):)


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I would suggest the same kinds of things you can carry on airplanes: processed, canned or dried gluten-free foods. Consider:

canned chicken or fish (I like sardines because they have a peel back lid);

rice cakes;

dried fruit;

peanut butter (no stir kind needs no refrigeration after opening) and jam;

I don't do fruit juices, but that's also a consideration, as well as sugar free, caffeine free pop. Certainly bottled water should be included.

Obviously, I'm thinking of things which don't need cooking or refrigeration or can be consumed in single servings to avoid refrigeration. I can't think of many canned vegies which I would eat unheated, but maybe a few like corn, beans, peas, corn and I'll even eat uncooked canned spinach ala Popeye.

Also there are many kinds of canned fruit which you might consider (peaches, pears, pineapple, fruit cocktail).

I believe someone already mentioned dried sausage meats.

Ener-G Foods makes some 2 slice vacuum sealed packages of bread or you can even order a sampler pack from them of many different kinds of bread to include in an emergency kit.

Nuts make great high protein, good fats snacks to go with dried fruit.

I didn't mention all the chips and other hi carb snack foods, because I don't like dry carb snacks. However, don't forget cookies. ;)

If you can eat dairy, don't forget chocolate. :) I almost forgot dairy, because I can't tolerate any, but certainly instant milk or cans of evaporated milk might be included along with dry cereal and sweetener.

I'm running outa ideas here, but I'm sure others can add to my list. :)



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Envirokids has a frosted flakes type thing that's gluten-free......cereal is good, I guess, cause it doesn't require refridgeration.................................

How 'bout genisoy bars? They don't need refridgeration and they're a good source of a lot of vitamins/minerals/protein. PB was a great suggestion -- never would have thought of that. Of course, canned fruit is good.

Tuna? They have those tops like soda cans, so you wouldn't need a can opener.

A lot of the good ideas have already been mentioned, so there isn't much left for me to add. :P



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I find that much of what they already list for emergency kits still applies, only you have to go with gluten-free varieties. So, what goes in mine (I still need to update it to be gluten-free) is:

packages of tuna (Whole Foods has a gluten-free foil package, but cans are fine too if you keep a can opener in your emergency pack)

non-refrigeratored peanut butter

dried fruit



canned fruit

canned veggies

canned beans

gluten-free bar-form food (there are a couple brands... worth throwing a few in)

I'd put rice cakes in, but I just can't trust them to stay good for six months. :-)


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Wow, I hope you and your family are all safe and sound!! Watching that I thought of the same thing. I don't have anything to add but good wishes


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How about gluten-free corn tortilla chips and gluten-free salsa in a jar that does not require refrigeration...... At least if you have no lights, you can still have a treat!



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Yikes...forgot to mention that genisoy bars are only gluten-free if it's the PB chunky southern style and another pb kind with honey.


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Thanks everyone for your suggestions. Will have to make a list for the next time. My husband can't handle peanuts so that's out and so is the sardines :blink: He does like Soy Nuts though. Hopefully, that's the last hurricane for this year. That was a bit scary.

As a thought, I do have a trail mix that my husband can eat. If you can handle soy nuts, it's great.

1 bag of Roasted Soy Nuts. (Not the honey Roasted, contains Gluten) :rolleyes:

1 bag of Roasted Sunflower Seeds

1 bag of Chocolate chips (I use Tropical Source 100% Dairy Free Semi-sweet Chips, Dark Chocolate Flavor) These chips work well with baking.

1 box of Dole Raisins.

Mix all together and place in plastic bags. Great for when your on the run and the kids will like it as a snack for lunch. Keep in a cool place. The chips will melt.


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