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Just Got My A.l.c.a.t. Test Results Back And I'm Not Happy

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Hey everyone -

I did the A.L.C.A.T. Comprehensive V test. Here's what came back (I promise, this is going to be LONG)...

Red foods - severe reaction:


cane sugar





green pepper

honeydew melon





orange foods - moderate reaction:












mung bean






yellow foods - light reaction:




black-eyed pea


brussel sprouts









lentil bean

lima bean






pinto bean


red pepper


string bean





GOOD GRIEF! I have to say I'm most upset about the corn, cane sugar and garlic. I think this is a leaky gut thing - most of what showed up are things I've been eating a lot of lately (although that just could be coincidence and would then explain why I've felt pretty badly...)

Gluten didn't show up at all, unless you count malt and hops. I had no reaction to wheat, rye, barley or oats... but after talking to the nutritionist, she said that because it's been almost a year since I've consistently eaten them, they might not have shown up but still be a problem. I *know* they are a problem, but I'm questioning it now because they didn't show up...

I guess my big question is... what the heck am I going to eat? I can live very happily on veggies, fruits and proteins... but my veggies and proteins are severely limited.

Also, does anyone know of any good resources for corn-free info? Are people as sensitive to corn, or is there a CC issue with corn?

Thanks for your help!


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It's only my opinion, but I've heard a LOT of negative things about that particular test, LOTS of false positives and test reactions to foods that are not reacted to. I think your best bet is an elimination diet to see if you TRULY react to any of these foods.

Lots of luck to you!


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Thanks for your thoughts. I am definitely planning on doing an elimination diet. I figure if I cut them all out and actually feel better, I'll know that at least one of them is making me sick and can add things back one at a time. I guess I figure that at least this gives me a place to start from and know what to cut out...


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Hi Elizabeth,

I'm sorry the test didn't give you more specific, concrete information. :(

I remember my allergist telling me that these tests result in many positives because when we eat a food, our bodies make antibodies to it. People usually end up doing an elinination diet anyway to weed out the false positives.


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Thanks, Patti. I hope I didn't completely waste $500. :blink:


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Thanks for your thoughts. I am definitely planning on doing an elimination diet. I figure if I cut them all out and actually feel better, I'll know that at least one of them is making me sick and can add things back one at a time. I guess I figure that at least this gives me a place to start from and know what to cut out...

I am so sorry that you are frusterated! I do know how you feel though! I eliminated everything they told me to (well, all of the red and orange foods, but not the yellows, just watched out for those), for a month, and then started re-introducing them.

That is actually how I found out about my Celiac Disease, because when I added wheat back in, my intestines shut down and I ended up in the hospital! But I had been eating wheat up to the time of the test, and you have not, so maybe that is why it didn't show up with your test.

I do know that they said that you have to watch what you tend to eat everyday. Like you said about corn, you eat a lot of it. It might do you good to have a more balanced diet, not having the same foods everyday.

I think the elimination diet is pretty much what you will be doing at this point, but at least you have a starting point now! You know what foods to watch when you re-introduce them. I am sorry that you list is so you eat those "red" foods a lot? My list was much shorter. My red foods were only 3 foods. Cantaloupe, caulifour, and sweet potatoes.

PM me if there is anything I can do to help.


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Yes, almost all of the red, orange and yellow foods are foods I eat all the time, especially in the last few weeks. That makes me think it's a leaky gut thing, so I'm going to do some research on trying to repair that while I cut these foods out. Thanks for the support!


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    • I found when I went gluten free I started eating more dairy and that gave me worse stomach aches and bloating than the gluten did. So now I have to avoid gluten and dairy.  Maybe you have a similar problem with something you are eating.  I hope you feel better soon.  
    • Hi! I received my "official" celiac diagnosis last week. I had an endoscopy last month that was originally looking for ulcers and h. pylori, but they did some biopsies of my duodenum since they were in the neighborhood and the biopsy came back "consistent with Celiac's disease" and later. They urged me to get my blood checked and follow up with my primary doctor. My blood work came back negative, but my doctor was confident it's Celiac so told me to stay away from gluten. I've been completely gluten free (or to the best of my knowledge) for 2 weeks now, and my results are mixed. At first, I felt great! My stomach was no longer CRAZY bloated once I stopped eating pasta and bread, my acne started healing, and the red rash on the back of my arms started to fade. That was the first few days. Lately, though, my acne is once again flaring up and I've been SO EXHAUSTED. I feel so tired all the time. Even now I have fatigue in my head, limbs, and I could hardly walk or move my body earlier today. I'm overweight and I like to go to the gym, but what used to be an easy workout for me is kicking my ass! I used to go to the gym and tear it up: HIIT on the treadmill followed by 40 minutes of heavy weight lifting. Now I can hardly finish 3 reps in my first set without feeling like a nap. I can't run anymore because my body feels clumsy and heavy. Also, I'm still bloated. I don't suffer from painful, acute bloating, but I struggle to pass gas and I look like I have pregnant belly. I think I'm also retaining water all over my body, and I'm not sure if that's normal? For whatever reason, I have this belief that water is mainly retained in the core and not arms, legs, and face. Anyway, I'd love to hear what you have to say/what you've experienced. Is this typical to first going gluten free?
    • Thanks Stephanie & Gemini for the info. that the 4 of 5 doesn't apply to children. I wasn't aware of that until now. 
    • I think the posters above have given you very good information and I will throw in my 2 cents worth.  I am surprised that they did not test her DGP IgA also.  I am sure that would have been positive.  They switched off with antibody classes and usually they do both tests for both antibodies.  IgA is more specific to Celiac but the IgG is also useful.  The testing shows your daughter is producing antibodies to the gluten in her diet. (DGP IGG). THe tTg shows positive for some damage or inflammation. You know........your daughter is only 4.  She hasn't been on the planet or eating gluten that long. It can take years for enough damage to occur for it to be able to be found on biopsy.  I would say it is highly likely that this is Celiac, especially with her symptoms. But because the damage hasn't graduated to bad enough yet, they won't diagnose her. I think you need to do what others have said and get all copies of testing and find someone else who will take a look and give a diagnosis, especially if they have you do a dietary trial and her symptoms go away.  That might be the only recourse if you want faster proof. I know I would want faster.  I would not really be happy if I thought I had to keep feeding her something that was making her sick.  If you keep her on gluten long enough, the diarrhea will probably show up. BTW.........the criteria mentioned regarding diagnosis does not apply to kids.  I know it's silly and stupid but most leading Celiac specialists do not go by this criteria for kids.......adults only.  Keep that in mind because it might come up.  You could recognize it but they might not. Have you considered gene testing, to help bolster a diagnosis? As far as false positives go, it's the other way around. False negatives happen more frequently than many people think.  It's a recurring theme here.  With her symptoms, which is what I had, a bloated belly and tummy aches are telling.  Have they tested her for lactose intolerance?  That can cause similar symptoms, although it sure won't raise those 2 blood tests.  Keep looking for Celiac because there are many red flags here.
    • This 4 out of 5 criteria does not apply to children. I was never given a reason why, but it isn't.     That said, you may try to get a second opinion from another GI who may be willing to give her a firm dx.  We were in your boat 6 years ago and while I'm sure I'll get slammed for it, I wish we had kept gluten in our kiddos diet till he scoped positive for a variety of reasons.  Again, even family is different and you have to find what is best for you!
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