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Just Got My A.l.c.a.t. Test Results Back And I'm Not Happy

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Hey everyone -

I did the A.L.C.A.T. Comprehensive V test. Here's what came back (I promise, this is going to be LONG)...

Red foods - severe reaction:


cane sugar





green pepper

honeydew melon





orange foods - moderate reaction:












mung bean






yellow foods - light reaction:




black-eyed pea


brussel sprouts









lentil bean

lima bean






pinto bean


red pepper


string bean





GOOD GRIEF! I have to say I'm most upset about the corn, cane sugar and garlic. I think this is a leaky gut thing - most of what showed up are things I've been eating a lot of lately (although that just could be coincidence and would then explain why I've felt pretty badly...)

Gluten didn't show up at all, unless you count malt and hops. I had no reaction to wheat, rye, barley or oats... but after talking to the nutritionist, she said that because it's been almost a year since I've consistently eaten them, they might not have shown up but still be a problem. I *know* they are a problem, but I'm questioning it now because they didn't show up...

I guess my big question is... what the heck am I going to eat? I can live very happily on veggies, fruits and proteins... but my veggies and proteins are severely limited.

Also, does anyone know of any good resources for corn-free info? Are people as sensitive to corn, or is there a CC issue with corn?

Thanks for your help!


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It's only my opinion, but I've heard a LOT of negative things about that particular test, LOTS of false positives and test reactions to foods that are not reacted to. I think your best bet is an elimination diet to see if you TRULY react to any of these foods.

Lots of luck to you!


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Thanks for your thoughts. I am definitely planning on doing an elimination diet. I figure if I cut them all out and actually feel better, I'll know that at least one of them is making me sick and can add things back one at a time. I guess I figure that at least this gives me a place to start from and know what to cut out...


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Hi Elizabeth,

I'm sorry the test didn't give you more specific, concrete information. :(

I remember my allergist telling me that these tests result in many positives because when we eat a food, our bodies make antibodies to it. People usually end up doing an elinination diet anyway to weed out the false positives.


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Thanks, Patti. I hope I didn't completely waste $500. :blink:


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Thanks for your thoughts. I am definitely planning on doing an elimination diet. I figure if I cut them all out and actually feel better, I'll know that at least one of them is making me sick and can add things back one at a time. I guess I figure that at least this gives me a place to start from and know what to cut out...

I am so sorry that you are frusterated! I do know how you feel though! I eliminated everything they told me to (well, all of the red and orange foods, but not the yellows, just watched out for those), for a month, and then started re-introducing them.

That is actually how I found out about my Celiac Disease, because when I added wheat back in, my intestines shut down and I ended up in the hospital! But I had been eating wheat up to the time of the test, and you have not, so maybe that is why it didn't show up with your test.

I do know that they said that you have to watch what you tend to eat everyday. Like you said about corn, you eat a lot of it. It might do you good to have a more balanced diet, not having the same foods everyday.

I think the elimination diet is pretty much what you will be doing at this point, but at least you have a starting point now! You know what foods to watch when you re-introduce them. I am sorry that you list is so you eat those "red" foods a lot? My list was much shorter. My red foods were only 3 foods. Cantaloupe, caulifour, and sweet potatoes.

PM me if there is anything I can do to help.


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Yes, almost all of the red, orange and yellow foods are foods I eat all the time, especially in the last few weeks. That makes me think it's a leaky gut thing, so I'm going to do some research on trying to repair that while I cut these foods out. Thanks for the support!


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    • Depression / anxiety issues
      Thanks for the advice Irene. I will look into that book. I know I'm a long away from healed but I got my hopes up when I felt better in that first week, it's just constantly a battle. I am hoping and praying that I get better soon 
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      Do you take digestive enzymes and probiotics? That may help. Have you met with a dietician for help figuring out how you're getting glutened?
    • Depression / anxiety issues
      You should read the book' Jennifer's Way" you might find her story similar.  You will find better health- but be patient- it's an up and down road and takes a long time! For me it's been 7-8 months and I'm not well but slowly improving I hope
    • Celiac - How many symptoms can there be?
      Hi Everyone I am new here and wanted to see if anyone else is experiencing the same thing I am.  I was diagnosed positive for celiac in 2/2016 via biopsy from an endoscopy.  I was negative for blood work because I self-eliminated gluten 9 months prior; so I guess I had not antibodies register in my lab work.  Prior to 2/2016 I was having symptoms for almost an entire year.  Despite cutting out grains in general for 9 months, I would have a gluten attack at least once a month.  I have had a history of sinus, bronchial infection.  I remember as young as 17 getting sick but I always bounced back and was active in sports and working out.  But in the past year I developed the following symptoms - Sudden desire to pass out, nausea, headaches, heart palpitation, crashing exhaustion as if I was recuperating from the flu, wheezing in my chest. I was bounced around to an allergist at this and was told I was asthmatic and I had food sensitivities to dairy, nuts, corn or corn derivatives (including corn syrup) and grains.  so I cut everything out!  Despite cutting everything out I was still have episodes at least monthly, possibly cross contamination.  In April 2015 I traveled to the Carribean for 2 weeks,  I became very ill with a urinary tract infection, stomach bug and severe back pain with constant fever.  I was treated with antibiotics (Bactrim) for 10 days which did clear up the situation. I came home and dismissed everything to a coincidence.  Six weeks later the GI distress woke me up in the middle of night.  The pain was so excruciating that when I sat on the toilet thinking I had to go, I almost past out from the pain.  I lay myself down on the floor until it subsided.  The next day I contacted my primary and was immediately seen.  She referred me to a GI specialist but the appointment was not until August.  Then 2 weeks before my GI appointment they called and rescheduled for late September.  I saw him and by then I was feeling better; no epsides for almost 2 months.  So we did nothing.... boy did I talk to soon.  Immediately after the appointment I had an attack.  These were the symptoms: Nausea, crashing fatigue (as if I was hit with the flu), diarrhea, dizziness,, loss of appetite,  lower back pain, specifically in the middle; intestinal discomfort and body aches which lasted 10 days!! and abruptly disappeared, thank God.
      . I had to wait to see the GI until 1/2016.  Once I saw him he did labs which were all normal.  He checked my liver, kidney, pancreas, blood count which was all normal.  He also scheduled the endo/colonoscopy for end of 1/2016.  Speeding forward in time....since the Endo/Colonscopy procedures, I had attacks January through March which last 7-10 days each time.  I finally had a break for 2 months and today as I type this I am on day 6 of another episode.  What I wanted to see if anyone has experience the following.  For me each episode is getting worse with the following symptoms: Nausea (horrible), back pain on the left side both in the rib cage (the front and back) at times this pain also gravitates toward my left hip.  I also get diarrhea, bloating, intestinal distress, crashing fatigue and loss of appetite.  What really hits me hard is the rib cage pain that is in the front and back on my left side.  I will be seeing the GI doctor in August; but I am hoping to see him sooner Any input in reference to symptoms is appreciated.    
    • Depression / anxiety issues
      Hi all  10 weeks ago i was diganoised with celiac with blood work and a endoscopy. I have had the worst 2 years of my life that started with blood being in my stool everyday. I have always suffered with anxiety for as long as I can remember but I always just pushed trough it. I then I started having panic attacks, insomnia and major depression that I could not handle, I could not function, I lost my job because I could not leave my bed, I shaked as I lay in bed everyday uncontrollably. I met with a doctor who put me on lexapro (antidepressant) I finally gave in after 6 months and started taking them, they made me worst than I already was so I had to stop after 14 weeks. Fast forward to 15 months later and the symptoms still persists including the bloody stools, I was in and out of hospital every week and told I had all sorts of conditions, then the blood work and endoscopy Finaly discovered the celiac. I have been on the diet now for 10 weeks, the first week my anxiety went away, the horrible knot in my stomach that I have had everyday, the hot flushes, the tingling I had run trough my legs. This all left but only for a couple of days then it came back, the depression also lifted but has now came back, I have been more than strict with the diet, I check everything twice before I eat it, me and the misses have thrown away everything from our kitchen and replaced it with new things. I had my Vitiam levels checked and I'm deficient in b12, Vit D, all B vitiams. It's like one step Foward 2 steps back in tearms of healing, I know these anxiety / depression feelings are not me but I've had them for so long that I can't seem to see light at the end of the tunnel. The couple of days that they left me when incredible I felt human and alive. Just wondering if any of this has happened to anyone else with celiac or gluten intorlance. Any advice or hope In tearms of healing or am I to feel like this for the rest of my life (I'm 28) by the way. Thanks a lot   
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